nba all-star 16 uniforms f The marquee event on the NBA’s calendar is going to be hosted in Toronto, Canada this season, and also now we’ve acquired our an initial look at the uniforms that the most popular players in the NBA will certainly be wearing for the 2016 NBA All-Star Game. While we won’t be see the strikingly-simple-yet-unique uniforms the we saw last year, the 2016 set of uniforms room still unique in their very own way.

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The jerseys are pretty simple, at least on the front. The back of the jerseys function a sublimated Toronto skyline, as well as a second 2016 All-Star game logo. They also include the advertisement for Kia dare on the chest, for this reason the NBA made an excellent on their word as far as that’s concerned and this shows up to be yet one more step in slowly getting you warmed as much as the idea the advertisements on the continual uniforms — and they’ll also be ~ above the jerseys that are being marketed to the fans as well.

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Meanwhile, the shorts room where things start to get funky. Adidas has been outfitting several of their university basketball teams with monster stripes the go slightly listed below the waist, and also they’ve excellent something comparable with the shorts for the NBA All-Star Game. I think that just making the waistband white ~ above the West’s uniforms and blue ~ above the East’s uniforms would’ve to be a lot better-looking choice for the uniforms, however I’m no the one in charge below so I suppose we’ve obtained to work out with what we obtained from the developers here. Climate again, I perform think that they walk a great job by using an unfavorable space to encompass the Canadian Maple leaf in the shorts design, so i guess I’m conflicted on this design. What a time to it is in alive.

One point that is actually really cool and also a nice recommendation to the hometown team is the Claw-star logo. It’s constantly nice to see All-Star logos that pay homage come the residence team’s identity, and this is no exception.

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Here’s more explanation native adidas’ push release:

The red-and-white west Conference and also white-and-blue east Conference uniforms attribute a maple sheet overlay on the front of the jerseys as a tribute to the nationwide symbol that Canada, while Toronto’s cityscape is featured throughout the back to represent the host city. Clean, single-layered fonts space a nod come the NBA’s beforehand days in Toronto, where the first NBA video game was play on Nov. 1, 1946, in between the Toronto Huskies and new York Knickerbockers.

A star patch the incorporates the maple leaf and also NBA logo design is displayed on the upper back of the uniforms, while black-and-gold jock tags display screen the Toronto Raptors’ alternate team colors and claw logo. Featured ~ above the jersey’s neck liner and also shorts’ attract strings is a mosaic of flag colors that stand for the multinational makeup of the league’s players.

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Also, take keep in mind of the truth that if any kind of Toronto Raptors players gain into the All-Star Game, they’ll be wearing the blue-and-white uniforms instead of the west Conference uniforms that space colored in the Raptors/Canada’s colour of red-and-white. If there was any kind of time because that the 2 conferences to switch colors for simply one year, climate this was the year to execute it. Oh well.

Anyways, what carry out you males think? Is this an upgrade over last year’s streetball-esque uniforms? Or must they have gone with something similar? permit us understand what you think!