The NBA All-Star game jerseys have actually varied in layout (from outlandish to classic) and also quality (from the an excellent early-1990s All-Star video game jerseys to the bizarre 2015 threads through a full name top top the back).

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This year"s jersey designs, unfortunately, can be classified as generic in style and somewhere ~ above the lower finish of the high quality spectrum.

Here"s a look at the former of the jerseys, every the NBA All-Star game Twitter account:

Toronto Raptors safety Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan room seen mirroring the back of the eastern Conference jerseys here:

The generic jerseys will certainly be in stark contrast with the All-Star video game socks, which feature a unique design that is much more befitting of brand-new Orleans, the city hosting All-Star Weekend:

Paul Lukas that Uni Watch, the best expert on every things pertained to sports uniforms, wrote about these threads on January 6, including a theory as to why the architecture lacked flavor:


We all know the video game was relocated to new Orleans from Charlotte together a boycott an answer to phibìc Carolina’s “bathroom law,” so they probably had to scrap the Charlotte-based unis they’d been preparing and then scramble to create a pair of replacement designs. Still, can not they have done far better than this? lock look like practice or rec organization jerseys, or choose something a child would produce with teambuilder software. Not a good one because that Adidas to go out on.

Ananth Pandian of CBS Sports also agreed that these jerseys left a many to it is in desired: "To pictured the words of the good Larry David, the uniforms are "pretty, pretty, pretty bad.""

Breaking down these jerseys even further, the worry is twofold.

First, the colors space bland. The grey ~ above the eastern Conference jersey conjures increase memories that old-school, boring grey baseball uniforms. They stand in stark comparison to new Orleans, among the most vibrant cities in the world. The charcoal because that the West isn"t much better.

Second, the format is boring, especially the "All-Star" lettering ~ above the front. Excuse the an individual bias, yet All-Star jerseys should have some kind of signifier top top the front, even if it is it"s a conference surname or also the organization name. These simply say "All-Star," not "NBA All-Star" or "East" or "West All-Star." It"s not a great look.

If a random sports fan off the street was asked what basketball organization these All-Star jerseys represented just by looking at the former of them, would he or she even know?

Overall, these jerseys get a thumbs-down, though as Lukas said, the NBA was likely in a tie after the last-minute All-Star game switch, thus the color and also style issues.

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