Can Stephen Curry and the golden State warrior bounce back, or will certainly LeBron James proceed to bring the Cleveland Cavaliers closer come an improbable championship Tuesday in video game 3 that the 2015 NBA Finals? 

The teams reminder off at 9 p.m. ET in their first game due to the fact that Cleveland stunned gold State through a 95-93 overtime road victory in video game 2. 

Curry, the league’s MVP, turned in a historically negative performance. The shot 5-of-23 native the field and also went 2-of-15 from beyond the arc. Curry collection the document for many missed three-pointers in an NBA Finals game, according to Des Bieler the the Washington Post

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Shockingly, Curry skilled a lot of challenge when safeguarded by scrappy Cleveland safety Matthew Dellavedova, according to ESPN.

NBA top top ESPN

When Matthew Dellavedova guarded Steph Curry, the MVP didn't make a single basket. #NBAFinals

However, NBA legend Charles Barkley walk not check out Dellavedova as a danger to prevent Curry. The told Bleacher Report Radio, "Steph Curry will kill that child in the overall scheme the things.”


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After the game, Curry dismissed his power as simply a poor night, every the Washington Post’s Michael Lee. 

“I doubt this will take place again,” Curry said. “Shots I normally make i knew as soon as they left mine hand that they to be off."

Curry must rebound native a fluky video game 2 performance. That is may be the many dynamic guard in the NBA. Based on his comments after video game 2, Curry is no discouraged and also should be back to his elite self versus the athletically overmatched Dellavedova in game 3. Regardless of the game 2 statistics, there will certainly be more instances of Curry do Dellavedova and the Cleveland defense look silly, prefer this play:

Meanwhile, James appears to be adding to his heritage every game. Including this postseason, the Warriors were 47-3 at Oracle Arena before James led Cleveland come a video game 2 success without fellow stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Thus, the Cavaliers neutralized gold State’s home-court benefit in the series. 

James, who notched a triple-double in game 2 through 39 points, 16 rebounds and also 11 assists, is garnering lot of of attention for his dominant performance in this year Finals. For The Win’s Nick Schwartz asserted James is delivering among the best Finals performances ever and also he will certainly win the Finals MVP even if Cleveland loser the series. 

James is likewise logging heavy minutes. Follow to Kelly Dwyer that Yahoo Sports, James has sat only 10 minutes v the an initial two games of this series. This is taking a toll on James, who has a history of knee and earlier problems, per Mike Bresnahan that the Los Angeles Times.

Did girlfriend see just how I walked in here? I"m emotion it. I"m emotion it right now for sure. We already have started on mine rehab. I will gain rehab on the plane. We"ve got a five hour flight earlier home, and also we"ve got all around-the-clock treatment and get ready for video game 3. I"ll it is in ready.

The vital storyline relocating forward in this collection is James. Over there is no indication the Cleveland head coach David Blatt will mitigate his minutes, so will certainly James be able to physically organize up? James has essentially lugged his team to this point, and if that can complete this run v a team of role players, the truly might be the the finest Finals performances in league history. 

No matter the outcome of game 3, that is still early and the series is much from over. At the an extremely least, the Warriors must feel the they must win at least one video game in Cleveland in stimulate to gain back the home-court advantage that assisted propel them come 67 regular-season wins. Cleveland has actually not organized an NBA Finals game since 2007, so mean the group to do it hard on gold State.