The 2015 NCAA lacrosse tournament ar shrunk indigenous eight to four after Sunday"s quarterfinal action. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Denver Pioneers, Maryland Terrapins and also Johns Hopkins Blue Jays are the only schools continuing to be from the 16-team field that gone into the event.

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It"s practically like you"ve fallen into a time capsule and also it"s 2014 anywhere again. Notre Dame, Denver and Maryland all progressed to the semifinals of last year"s tournament, with the Fighting irish finishing runners-up come the fight it out Blue Devils.

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Here"s a look in ~ the schedule for following weekend, followed by a short recap of Sunday"s action.

Quarterfinal Results

2015 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship—Quarterfinals
Sat., might 16Albany10-14No. 1 Notre Dame
Sat., might 16Ohio State13-15No. 4 Denver
Sun., may 17Johns Hopkins16-15No. 2 Syracuse
Sun., may 17No. 6 Maryland14-7North Carolina

Semifinal Schedule

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2015 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship—Semifinals
DateTime (ET)MatchupTV InfoLive Stream
Sat., might 231 p.m.No. 1 Notre Dame vs. No. 4 DenverESPN2Watch ESPN
Sat., might 233:30 p.m.No. 6 Maryland vs. Johns HopkinsESPN2Watch ESPN

Quarterfinal Recap

Tommy Gilligan-USA this particular day Sports

Maryland had actually by much the most basic time in the 2nd round. The Terps led 9-2 ~ the second quarter and also cruised the remainder of the way, beating the phibìc Carolina Tar Heels 14-7.

The Heels do it rather interesting, cut the deficit to 7 goals, 13-6, in the 2nd half. Then Bryan Cole noted one that his 4 goals, which USA Today"s Eddie Timanus felt to be the death knell for UNC:

Eddie Timanus

Bryan Cole nets his fourth of the work to prevent the Heels' run and also likely put it on ice. 14-6 Terps. #NCAALax

"I"m really proud of ours players because that their initiative today," stated Terrapins coach man Tillman, every the connected Press (via WTOP in Washington, D.C.). "We establish what"s in ~ stake in a video game like this and we come out and also probably play our most complete game of the year."

Maryland"s victory was definitely an outlier as the other three quarterfinal gamings were determined by a combined seven goals.

Notre Dame and also Denver both progressed Saturday.

The Fighting Irish required six objectives in the 4th quarter to get past the Albany good Danes. Albany organized a 9-8 command heading into the final frame, however then Sergio Perkovic and also Jim Marlatt score 16 secs apart to provide Notre Dame a late lead. Mikey Wynne added an insurance money goal through this good individual effort with a tiny over 11 minute to pat (via ESPNU/Inside Lacrosse):

ESPNU/IL movie

Mikey Wynne picks up a ground sphere at the midfield line and cuts in former of his defender come score

From there, the Fighting irish didn"t look back.

The Pioneers had to fight off the Ohio State Buckeyes because that the whole of their hour-long clash. OSU jumped the end to an early 7-1 advantage in the second quarter prior to Denver walk off, scoring nine unanswered goals.

Wesley Berg to be responsible for 5 of those goals and assisted on one more as that single-handedly took control of the game.

"It seemed favor two years ago when us were under 7‐1 or 8‐1 to phibìc Carolina," the said complying with the win, every the NCAA. "We just figured we"d obtain a couple, and we"d get momentum, and that"s what we did. You can see the light go ago into united state after we obtained 7‐4, therefore we maintained it going native there, and just playing and also sticking come our game plan, and we knew offensively they started falling."

The 16-15 final score in Johns Hopkins" victory over the Syracuse Orange is somewhat deceiving. The Blue Jays to be up 15-10 v 3:50 left in the fourth quarter. They also led by 4 goals v a little less than 2 minutes remaining.

Syracuse score three objectives in the final minute to build some drama, but its comeback attempt ultimately fell short.

The Orange had no answer for the Stanwick brothers, Shack and Wells. Both siblings had identical stat lines (4 G, 2 A) come propel Johns Hopkins come victory.

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