NCIS: new Orleans Season 4 episode 20 Review: powder Keg

In the beginning, three armed men in a car raced from police. The seemed like standard procedure until they stopped exterior the Two-Tone, running inside and taking Pride and also all his patrons hostage.

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I didn"t see that coming.

I did check out the villain of this episode coming, as, I"m sure, did countless of you. But much more on the later.

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It was great to view Sydney again, after she obtained discharged from the army for her actions top top NCIS: new Orleans Season 4 illustration 18.

Boy, go she pick the wrong bar come walk into!

When Curtis got Pride alone, i figured he was going come say the he to be a cop undercover v a gang. However no, a CI acquiring framed for the killing of the cop v whom he was working was a much better angle.


So came to was Curtis that he provided up his cell phone so proud could interact with his team.

And wasn"t it a hoot the Boomer couldn"t even recognize the ringing the a landline? has actually it involved that?

It to be a well-planned narrative with the parallel action, v the NOPD, led by Captain Davis, do the efforts to catch their 3 suspects when NCIS investigated the killing of Franklin.

It turned out just also that Pride and LaSalle remained cagey around the investigation, keeping it indigenous the NOPD.

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Davis just seemed hinky native the get-go. I could give him pulling rank and being territorial with LaSalle beforehand on. Yet he didn"t desire to listen to any conjecture the disagreed v his narrative that Curtis killed Franklin.

The means he kept blowing up in ~ LaSalle, who was just trying to pass follow me what details he had acquired, made him look guilty.

He had no interest in arresting the 3 gangbangers because that Franklin"s murder. He just wanted lock dead. That was what the entirety stunt ~ above the bus was about, and also he didn"t treatment if innocents such as Pride and Sydney got captured in the crossfire.


While Davis to be trying to arrange because that a death zone, NCIS, led by LaSalle, were investigating Franklin"s murder.

The an ext they learned, the an ext guilty someone within NOPD looked. The State Attorney general looking right into corruption virtually died in a vehicle crash. Curtis"s girlfriend passed away of one overdose that heroin the Davis seized. Curtis"s fingerprints were also perfectly placed on the murder weapon.

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Unfortunately, by the time they put whatever together, Davis to be driving the gangbangers, Pride, and Sydney right into a trap. They just survived because Estes gained the snipers to prevent shooting, which allowed Sydney, climate Pride, to save themselves.

Pride did every little thing to keep the bullets native flying, do the efforts to factor with the hotheaded Boomer and stalling to offer his team time to resolve the murder.

I to be glad to check out that the Two-Tone suffered small damage, simply a camera hole drilled in the ceiling. The dodged a bullet, or possibly several bullets. The bar has actually been through sufficient after gaining blown up critical season. Pride is a civil servant and can"t purchased to save repairing it.


Now, about the potential storylines the that obtained hints. One was that someone or some group of people is profiting native corruption in brand-new Orleans and would execute anything to shut down the examination of it.

Estes and also Pride pointed to the attempted murder of Hamilton top top NCIS: new Orleans Season 4 illustration 10 and the attempt to death the state attorney general as proof of an recurring conspiracy.

First, corruption has always been what fuels brand-new Orleans politics. The is a explain of fact, no a stunning revelation.

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Second, the fact, which has existed for decades, isn"t something that will gain resolved in the remaining 4 episodes the this season. It"s much more like a game of Whack-a-Mole. Take the end one corruption official, and also another one will certainly pop up.

The other storyline is about Sydney. Ns still number she will certainly be the replacement for Percy. I was shocked pride didn"t simply lay a argorial on she at the finish of the episode choose he did v Gregorio prior to her.

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But I"m guessing the if you"re no sure about Season 5, girlfriend shouldn"t be adding new cast members simply yet. Or the producers might be simply ratcheting increase the suspense and also will add her in the finale.