Lucky Shades

» Wed might 02, 2012 1:58 afternoon

im on a house or NCR playthrough. Havent chose yet. My trouble is that ns learned around the lucky shdes in the Legion safehouse and now i must have actually them. I"m in ~ the suggest where ive upgraded the securitrons and won the boomers support, however I havent "given" the boomers come anyone yet. What im trying to attain is gaining liked with the legion for this reason I gain the safehouse key kind Lucious and, after the go anti legion every the means as NCR/House supporter.Right now my reputation v the Legion is "Sneering punk" ns forgot what ns did to make it so after the note of caesar. I understand you can get Legion rep by turning in NCR dogtags at cottonwood cove and of food by questing because that them. Ive noticed house doesnt mind as soon as I help Legion or NCR, uneven Legion or NCR, the threaten me "Dont subject on the bear" ect.. As soon as I aid their oposition.1.How much rep does transforming dogtags in come the Legion get? favor to acquire from sneering punk to liked?2.Will i fortfeit mine NCR playthrough if I get liked v the Legion even if i dont act against the NCR directly? How much will House/NCR let me go, together I assistance Caesar till I gain liked?Im willing to go with Mr. Home if that is the just option left to me ~ I get liked with Legion for the shades, If NCR no "take me back" ns on PS3 BTW.Thanks.

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Ashley CamposPosts: 3415Joined: Fri Sep 22, 2006 9:03 pm

» Wed might 02, 2012 12:49 pm

I have been do the efforts to figure out a method to obtain those shades without gift nice come the Legion. I don"t think the crucial is top top anyone, well, maybe Caesar and killing the is not an option for many of the game.I don"t think you need to do too plenty of quests for the Legion to acquire the key, but since your rep through them is Sneering Punk, it could be harder.
Alexandra Louise TaylorPosts: 3449Joined: Mon Aug 07, 2006 1:48 pm
The thing about reputations systems in brand-new Vegas is the if friend stray indigenous the right line Idolized or Vilified paths and also get something favor Sneering Punk or Unpredictable, the is very challenging to get rid of that tiny amount of an excellent or poor rep. If you continue doing an excellent things for the Legion climate you will certainly eventually finish up through Wild boy without ever passing Liked.A way I have actually heard the to get Liked reputation though, and also I can"t check the validity that this, is to wherein Caesar"s Legion armour once you hand in the dogtags or do objectives for them. Friend will obtain a Neutral rep v them which will not go away if you space recognized and you can construct up to favored from there. You deserve to pickpocket the dogtags from NCR soldiers if friend still desire to execute an NCR playthrough. ~ above the wiki it claimed it would certainly take 50 dogtags indigenous Neutral to obtain to Liked, though you could do minor Legion searches to make it walk by faster. You deserve to use the NCR Ranger radio to obtain an unlimited supply of dogtags by calling who in, pickpocketing them, sending out them away, wait 24 hours and repeat.. The vital thing is to no take turn off the Legion armour as soon as you hand in the dogtags or perform the missions. Taking the armour off will certainly reset the reputation you have got so far, I"d suggest handing in every one of the dogtags at when then.

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I"m on the computer so if I"m no doing a Legion playthrough I"ll just unlock the safehouse v console commands.Hope this helps. An excellent luck.