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The best answer is the following: The Erie canal directed western develop down the Hudson River.

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Actually the canal provided to the port of brand-new York City vital advantage over the rather USA ports reflecting a social and politics predominance in that years

New York City came to be the nation"s greatest commercial center since the Erie Canal funneled western develop down the Hudson River. Erie Canal was built in 1825 which make the connection between Hudson River and also Lake Erie, Buffalo. After structure the canal transport of an excellent and products came to be faster, due to the fact that of this new York city became the best commercial center.

One effect of the Erie Canal to be that brand-new York City came to be the nation"s best commercial center.


The Erie Canal is a historic waterway in the northern United States, in ~ the state of brand-new York. It runs from Buffalo (New York) top top Lake Erie to Albany top top the Hudson River, connecting the great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.

Although the canal was very first proposed in 1807, it to be not until 1817, entrusted through then governor DeWitt Clinton, that the Niagara Canal agency began preparations because that its construction. It was inaugurated in 1825. It connects the great Lakes with the city of brand-new York and greatly added to the negotiation of the Midwest, permitting the move of people and also supplies.

The Erie Canal drove much of the expense of transportation in between the Midwest and also the Northeast, with lower food prices in east cities and also cheaper machinery and manufactured goods in the Mid-west. This channel made the cities of new York, Buffalo and also the state of new York richer.

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The answer come your question is,

New York City ended up being the nation"s biggest commercial center.

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