Former UFC champ Anderson Silva’s made triumphant return through a success over Nick Diaz was a feel-good story Saturday. The bummer come Tuesday afternoon once the Nevada athletic Commission revealed both Silva and also Diaz failed drug tests.

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UFC middleweight Anderson Silva, left, fights through UFC middleweight Nick Diaz during their fight in ~ UFC 183 in ~ the MGM cool Garden Arena in ras Vegas, Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015.(Josh Holmberg/Las Vegas evaluation Journal)

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva triumphantly reverted from a 13-month layoff due to a horrific foot injury to knife a unanimous decision success over Nick Diaz in the main occasion of UFC 183 in ~ MGM cool on Saturday.

The feel-good comeback story took a dramatic rotate Tuesday afternoon.

Silva tested optimistic for a steroid throughout an out-of-competition test before the fight.

The ultimate Fighting Championship exit a statement around the results:

“On (Tuesday) the UFC company was informed by the (Nevada athletic Commission) that Anderson Silva tested optimistic for Drostanolone metabolites on his Jan. 9 out-of-competition medicine test. UFC’s knowledge is that further trial and error will be carried out by the board of directors to confirm these preliminary results. … UFC is disappointed to learn of these initial results.

“The UFC has actually a strict, constant policy versus the usage of any illegal and/or performance boosting drugs, stimulants or masking agents through its athletes.”

The Review-Journal derived a copy the the laboratory results, which likewise indicated Silva tested positive for androstane. NAC officials shown the results.

Silva’s opponent also failed his drug test, though that advancement was far less surprising.

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Diaz’s post-fight drug screening indicated the visibility of marijuana metabolites. He is an admitted marijuana user v a prescription to use the drug in his aboriginal California.