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Remember that one-handed capture Odell Beckham Jr. Made matches the Cowboys? have the right to you assumption: v the gloves he was wearing? Yes, it was the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 soccer gloves.

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The Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 soccer gloves are commonly used by expert football players. You nothing necessarily need these gloves to make highlight reel plays, due to the fact that catching a football likewise depends on your own capacity – however, having them on certainly enhances your recording reliability.

Let’s take it a closer look at at these popular, so-called legendary gloves in the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 review below.


Nike draft the Nike Vapor jets 3.0 especially for large receivers. These gloves space chock-full that benefits and features the make capturing a football less complicated than ever.

Take, for example, the patented MAGNIGRIP, which maximizes the recording surface of your hand to help you bring down the difficult to reach catches. Those errant throws that whisk off the tips of her fingers will no longer happen. Because now, if you have the right to touch the football, girlfriend will most likely capture the football.


But wait. This Nike gloves are likewise beneficial because that quarterbacks – specifically those through low perfect percentages. This gloves can an increase their percentages by ten percent. 

Ultra-sticky palm to enhance catchability.Lightweight and also breathable.Snug fit to carry out locked-in feeling across the earlier of hand.

Your gloves have to fit snug but not constricting, and should cover the finish of your fingertips without any type of extra room. Therefore, make certain to shot the gloves on your hands before purchasing. 

Moreover, take keep in mind that there is a distinction in sizing in between the Adult and Youth lines. Ensure the your alternative is the proper one, especially if you space ordering online.


Another point to watch into around a soccer glove’s fit is your play position. Soccer is a position-based sport, therefore, football gloves have to reflect the responsibility and function of your position. 

A primary ball-handler, such as the quarterback or to run back, could prefer something much more lightweight and also with less padding so that their tight on the round is not affected.

On the other hand, a lineman will probably want more thickness and an ext durable gloves through excess padding to protect themselves indigenous the play-to-play influence and overextending the wrist. See our article of the best linemen gloves in this guide.

The right pair of gloves through the right collection of attributes can instantaneously make you a far better player. Imagine the right pair the gloves breaking under on friend while you on fourth and goal with the video game on the line.

This is why features and material are of utmost importance. Her performance and the safety of her hands depends on it. 

In general, avoid buying lower-quality gloves because that the sake of conserving money. It might be better to get outside of your spending plan to pick up the perfect pair.

Having that extra little swagger because you look and feel like a million bucks could help you secure a million bucks.

It’s not vanity, the science! It’s science that to be proven true as soon as Deon Sanders infamously said, “look good, feel good. Feeling good, beat good. Beat good, they salary good.”

So in the wise words that Primetime, go out there, look great, and also get the bread. See our list best football gloves here.

Make some electrifying, game-changing catches with the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 football gloves, designed through a ton of sticky modern technology to help you watch cool as you leaving everyone’s jaws ~ above the floor.

Nike design the Vapor Jet 3.0 with exceptionally breathable mesh material, stretch-woven throughout the back to keep you cool as a cucumber.

This is accomplished thanks to mini ventilated mesh panels which add the extra wait circulation, which consequently creates lightweight comfort across the back-of-hand.

Strategically placed, durable pinky seams carry out a locked-in fit, maintaining your hand snug and tight inside the glove. Moreover, Nike has added adjustable wrist closures to further secure the gloves for appropriate performance.

The genuine meat and potatoes room in the dual-tension molded wrist straps the adds come the locked-in feeling, offering the capacity to produce a custom fit when reducing bunching. The bunching palliation is one underrated feature, together it enhances catchability and also helps deliver high-level performance.

Nike has also included articulated thumbs that enhance dexterity and also overall feel. With every one of these features, you’ll barely an alert yourself wearing these gloves.

The Nike Vapor jet 3.0 room SFIA certified, i beg your pardon simply way that the gloves have actually been assessed in a rigorous and also independent manner.

This pair that gloves room lightweight yet tough, and also is built specifically for Varsity and Pro players. The TPU overlay bonds come the mesh facility panel to enable for extr comfort while keeping the gloves tight and also durable. TPU, in particular, is exceptionally tough, and does not wilt versus the heat and also sweat of an extreme game.<1>

The gloves can additionally be worn in versatile ways, v the capacity to lock down the wrist strap for included protection, or flip up the cuff for enhanced comfort.

As a nice added bonus, Nike has included an external jock tags on the wrist cuff that allows you write your name and also number, ensuring that your gloves won’t get mixed up v anybody else’s.

Here’s a list of the best protective soccer gears for youth and adult.

The Nike Vapor jets 3.0 features Nike’s patented MAGNIGRIP which offers a superior, ultra-sticky catching surface to help you catch even the errant throws.

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What’s more, Nike has maximized the catching surface of the MAGNIGRIP across the palm, including exceptional tack and grip to stand up to all sorts of playing conditions.