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At fourteen, ns felt a most rage.

In retrospect, my anger no much more than the vinegar-and-baking-sodaaftermath of my first waves of conscious individualism breaking against jagged,hormonal shores.


This is the face of household Archives

But in ~ the time, my fury felt favor my just defense versus the countlessinjustices ns was required to endure1 and the cruelty that a human being out tokeep me from feeling any real joy.

I to be angry due to the fact that it felt prefer things were out of mine control. I was debrisswept away in a overwhelming — a helpless, hapless bystander captured in a cosmic battlethat had nothing at every to do with me: the victim of cruel happenstance.

The civilization was continue to me, and I felt helpless. for this reason of course i waspissed; helplessness has obtained to be in the peak 5 for Reasons people Get Angry.

Discovering logical Thought

Somewhere around fifteen or sixteen, mine great-aunt sent out me a copy that TheFountainhead, which began me under a philosophical rabbit-hole.2I read Illusions and Zen and also the arts of Motorcycle Maintenance. Iread generation-defining pop-philosophy in Fight Club and learned aboutthe true nature of not offering a posesthe in Factotum and realized I’d nevereven come close come hitting bottom indigenous Jesus’ Son.

This reading led to questions, which brought about deep conversations with afriend, which caused critical3 insights, and — ultimately — toactual transforms in my behavior.

Suddenly, after a few minutes’ reasonable thought, i realized two points thatdrastically changed my life:

1. Nobody is out to get me.

There’s no dark force or diabolical villain functioning to do my life harder. Itwas difficult to swallow, yet I realized the I’m just not that important. Infact, hardly anyone thinks about me at all.

It’s straightforward to imagine that i have critical importance and will because of this facecritical opposition, however that’s an extremely myopic see of things.

The truth is the — while ns am the most essential person in my world — Ibarely it is registered in the wider scope of the world.

Probably 95% that the human beings I happen on the street get zero attention. Ofthe 5% i do notice, i only an alert a single feature (“Cool shoes!” “Nice ass!”)and they’re forget the immediate they leaving my line of sight.


Credit:House of Cards

Who am ns to think i’m somehow deserving of anyone attention once I barelygive them any kind of thought in ~ all?

To around 7,348,999,994 the the 7,349,000,000 human being on the planet, ns eitherdon’t exist or don’t matter enough to occupy short-lived memory.4

I’m not a target. I’m not being singled the end for cruelty.

I’m not a victim.

2. No one is comes to conserve me.

If my story has actually no villains, it’s safe to assume over there aren’t any heroes,either.

As fate would have it, I’m no a fragile, extraterrestrial secretweapon5 or a severely damaged government experiment top top therun — I’m simply a person. my interests room all reasonably commonplace, mytalents room all borderline commodities, and also my opinions room the mutant,amalgamated offspring the the opinions of authors and mentors i’ve paid attentionto if I’ve been alive.

The only unique thing around me is the precise arrangement of mine interests,talents, actions, and also opinions. Otherwise, everything I am, do, and believe ismore or much less standard-issue.

So there’s no must save me; ns not crucial to the future of our planet. Noone is going come “rescue me” from my life. ns won’t be discovered in a drugstore and also propelled come stardom.

I’m on my own.

The empty Director’s Chair

On the face, this may sound bleak: I’m every alone and also no one cares.

But this is actually great news. The was more than likely the finest news I’d everreceived as a teenager.

I spent most of mine youth terrified of feather foolish. And when i wasn’t worriedabout spring foolish, i was persuaded that ns would obtain in problem if ns made thewrong decision.

When ns realized no one provided a shit about me, life became immeasurablyeasier. I could strip down to one of those new thongs wherein my penisbecomes an elephant trunk and also sprint v a town hall meeting belting the end thelatest Taylor Swift solitary at the top of my lungs and no one would care.


Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake...Credit:TGL, Inc.

Sure, civilization would laugh, and someone would definitely put it on YouTube, however noone would really care. I’d be a momentary amusement, and also then I’d fade rightback right into the anonymous social landscape.

This made the far less complicated to execute things that were much less ridiculous, choose taking achance on making it as a touring musician, or quitting my permanent job come givefreelancing a shot.

My entirety life, I’d believed that world were the town hall me, and that someunseen hand to be shoving me along a route I had no regulate over.

But ns was wrong: there was nobody making decisions about my life. other than me,I guess: v — assuming I operated up the guts to make any type of decisions.

If mine life was a movie, up until this suggest there’d to be no director. I’d beencarried along by the unstoppable existing of time, however uncaptained, rudderless,drifting.

Unless I made decision to act heroically, my movie had actually no hero. No villains uneven Iacted villainously. Unless I climbed in and also took charge, the director’s chairwas — and would stay — empty.


Who’s composing Your Story?

After i assumed duty for my very own life, whatever changed.

The world didn’t occur to me anymore. I happened to the world.6

I started steering myself far from the points that frustrated and also depressed me,and toward things that excited and also motivated me. It’s been a long road, and also I’mstill working on the today. I mean I’ll more than likely still be working on it when Idie.

I started seeing immediate improvement: my life was currently my choice, and I didn’tfeel like a victim the anything. It no pleasant to admit that a relationshipended since I acted prefer a dick, or that a project failed due to the fact that I leteveryone down and also slacked, but making my own mistakes to be way better thanfeeling helpless against the whims of a malevolent universe.

Getting in My own Way

Comfortably at the helm of my an individual narrative, I immediately started closingdoors and adding restrictions.

What type of male was I?

I was the kind of guy who no buy right into bullshit corporate puppetry andadvertising-driven entertainment.


Credit:South Park

I was the type of man who doubted all authority and made my very own path.

I to be the kind of guy who wouldn’t be lumped in through a team or clique.

I, free thinker.

I, beacon of reasonable reasoning.

I, renegade individualist.

I, sinner of silly, self-imposed roles.

Who room You?

When I graduated high school, my parents took my entirety family come Florida. That washalf-intended as a graduation gift, and also half-intended together a long-overdue familyvacation. We went to universal Studios and also Disney World. Daytona Beach. Someenormous waterpark ns can’t psychic the name of.


“As did you do it probably currently guessed by mine hairstyle, I hate everything. Especially you.” family members Archive

And i — tied by my staunch opposition come corporate profiteering, herdmentality, and also enjoying anything well-known — made sure I was miserable the wholetime.

It was hot and also muggy in the method Florida is typically hot and also muggy, however I worelong sleeves and also black pants the whole time. While my brother and sister carriedtheir tubes come the peak of a big-ass whirlpool-looking deathtrap, i sulked in theshade.7

The whole premise of my family’s holidays violated mine identity. It was anaffront to the core of my being.

Except, the course, the my parents’ selection for a family members vacation point out hadexactly nothing to execute with mine identity, and also I to be really simply letting somedude in a Mickey mouse costume destroy family time just by was standing nearby.

That’s a the majority of power to give a stranger attract a gigantic rubber head.

The Cages We develop for Ourselves

Brick by brick, I’d constructed a wall between what was and was not acceptable forSomeone like Me.

Someone like Me listens to death metal.

Someone prefer Me would certainly never shop in ~ Walmart.

Someone favor Me loves Jhonen Vasquez.

Someone prefer Me doesn’t love Jhonen Vasquez anymore since Hot topic startedcarrying his comics.8

I to be proud of the wall surface at first, due to the fact that it created a clean separation between“us” (me) and “them” (the sheeple).

Building the wall was mine tiny method of asserting a tiny little of prominence overthe tiny shadow I’d actors on the Earth.


Nate and also me reflecting the human being just exactly how cool us family Archive

But this is the thing: a wall surface is a wall.

Before, ns was trapped by the imaginary Malevolent world that guarantee my lifehappened to me.

Now, i was trapped by the imaginary Someone prefer Me who ensured just a tinysubset the all obtainable choices were ever seriously considered.

The identity Snowball

When i was born, ns was a small spark that consciousness.

I had no memories. Ns knew nothing. All ns cared about was whether ns was hungry orsleepy.

When other happened, I had actually no structure of reference. I can only observe,consider it as an secluded event, and make a decision about what that supposed tome in the moment.9


No agenda, no prejudices — simply a sweet be affected by each other family Archive

There was no subtext or an individual politics. Things were what they appeared tobe. How can a thing be much more than that is?

As i grew, i learned language and also fear and prejudice and also opinion from myenvironment. Cat peed on me as soon as I was four? currently I dislike cats. Dog bit me? I’mscared the Dalmatians.

My friends teased me about my Looney melody t-shirts, so the stuff was forbabies. My mommy knew the words to Tubthumping, so it was clearly toomainstream for me to hear to.

The slow build-up of experiential biases continued until I’d come to be somired in my identification that I could no longer see an event as A point ThatHappened; now it was inextricably linked to points I’d watched or heard before,opinions I’d adopted or developed, and my own historical stance on events ofthis type.

My small spark the consciousness had actually grown right into a hulking snowball of opinions andfilters and fears and prejudices, and it was cultivation larger every day. There wasno such point as an isolated event anymore.

I wasn’t questioning myself what I need to do in solution to an event; ns was askingmyself what Someone prefer Me would perform in solution to the event.

Yet again, i was the end of the director’s chair and also letting other else do mydecisions for me.

How come Melt the Snowball

At 28, ns was invited to try wake surfing.

I’d constantly hated water: I virtually drowned on lot of occasions10 when Iwas yes, really young; I had a chip on my shoulder about being also cool because that sports(especially water sports); but mostly i was chubby, pasty, and also generallyuncomfortable in anything yet long sleeves and also pants.

I made the decision to hate water before I have the right to remember. together a result, I’dspent nearly two decades flatly refusing any activity involving water since —through the filter of mine projected identity: Someone favor Me — water activitieswere stupid.

So mine knee-jerk reaction to be to refuse. Someone choose Me wouldn’t carry out it, therefore ofcourse ns won’t perform it.

But then — in ~ the insistence of my then-girlfriend — i started analyzing thatrefusal. Did i really dislike water sports, or was it simply something I’d toldmyself years earlier and never since questioned? Was i cutting myself turn off fromactivities I can really enjoy because of other my you are fool teenaged self haddecided because of body issues and also anti-conformity complexes?

I determined to check it: I’d walk wake surfing, and also if i hated it, my dislike forwater sporting activities was justified.

But if I preferred it, I essential to reevaluate my opinions around the world.

Taking back Control native My previous Selves

Wake surfing to be a blast.

I’ve due to the fact that learned how to surf, snorkel, and kayak.11 each time, i wasparticipating in water-based tasks — the people I’d always told myself Ihated — and also each time, I had a blast.

How numerous other decision was ns letting my pre-teen self make? mine teenage self?My twenty-two-year-old post-rockstar-aspirational self?

I had been cheating myself out of dozens — if no hundreds — of experiencesbecause I’d let mine unexamined emotional detritus hobble me.

Was i really in manage of mine life if a fifteen-year-old grudge versus waterwas hold me back from points I important enjoyed?

I to be What i Am

In the aftermath of the wake up surfing incident, I’ve began running every mydecisions v ado-I-really-feel-that-way-or-am-I-listening-to-my-idiot-teenaged-self-againfilter.


Credit:Popeye the seafarer Man

I doubt ns catch all of them. Great ideas tho snag ~ above my emotionally barnaclesmore regularly than I’d prefer.

But i’m trying to keep my identification lean and adaptable. I’ve acquired newPopeye-esque mantra, even:

I am that I to be — not who I to be — and also I’m functioning to end up being who I want to be.

So far, at least, i feel happier 보다 I’ve ever felt — and also significantly morein-control of mine life.


Marisa, Nate, and me at a Precision Nutrition charity potluck. Large smiles lugged to you by a low emotionally bullshit quotient.Credit:Precision Nutrition

I’m cost-free to end up being the hero of my story. come take control of my part in itsoutcome. To shot anything that can make me a far better person.

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Most of all, I’m totally free to let my previous experiences make me lighter — they’re thereto present me what i don’t should carry, after all.