Browns wide receiver characteristics injury woes of previous two periods to fight he took in 2017 preseason game versus Cleveland.

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Cleveland Browns broad receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Will more than likely not have a hearty welcome for brand-new York Jets protective coordinator Gregg Williams top top Monday night.

Beckham met through the media top top Thursday as the Browns prepare for their game against the brand-new York Jets and also had part unkind words because that Williams, who spent the past two seasons with the Browns and also is now running the jets defense.

Williams is all about the “cheap shots” and “dirty hits” and is responsible for the injury problems that limited Beckham to simply 16 gamings over the previous two seasons, Beckham said ESPN.

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The problems started throughout a preseason game in 2017 when Cleveland cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun fight Beckham, injuring Beckham’s ankle. Beckham would certainly break that exact same ankle in week 4 the the 2017 season and also miss the rest of the year.

Odell Beckham Jr. Said previous Browns DC Gregg Williams told football player to “take him the end of the game” here’s the struggle from that 2017 preseason game.

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Last season, Beckham experienced a torn quad muscle and also missed the last four games and also he lays it all at the feet the Williams, follow to ESPN:

“I had human being who were here when the was below telling if you get a chance, take a shot in ~ him. If you can, ache him. Ns guarantee he’s going to leaving the game hurt and also stuff choose that. We’re all men out here. There’s no need for doing any kind of of that sort of stuff. Make the plays the best you deserve to clean.

“If God hadn’t blessed me the means that i am I most likely would’ve blown the end my knee in that preseason game. And that high-ankle sprain brought about the damaged ankle ~ above the left, which brought about compensation in numerous different areas. It was kinda prefer a tiny spiral. For this reason it’s something that I never ever forget. It changed my life forever.”

Beckham has actually not challenged a Williams-led defense due to the fact that that preseason video game in 2017, therefore Monday night’s game will it is in his first chance come get ago at Williams.

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Combine that through Beckham’s return to the new York area, albeit against the Jets and also not his previous team in the brand-new York Giants, and also it have to be rather a night for a national television audience.