Did Odell Beckham Jr. Hanging through Justin Bieber Curse brand-new York Giants?

Pop superstar’s presence has supposedly led to a couple of good teams to shed in the past


Odell Beckham Jr. May have put the curse that Justin Bieber on the new York Giants as they head right into their playoff game versus the green Bay Packers.

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Over the weekend, number of members ~ above the brand-new York Giants took trip to Miami come party that up with Justin Bieber and also Trey Songz on your day off. First, they were spotted in ~ the nightclub Liv ~ above Snapchat v the two musical artists. Then, star players Odell Beckham Jr. And also Victor Cruz invested the complying with day soaking up the Miami sun while hanging the end on a boat with Trey Songz prior to making the journey back home.

While there are much worse ways they could’ve rang in the new Year, the Giants have spent the last couple of job taking warmth from national media for taking a mini-vacation the week before a wild map game versus the green Bay Packers. Even though head coach Ben McAdoo made it clear the the players were not working — they were likewise all current at practice on Tuesday – that didn’t avoid the likes the Skip Bayless from criticizing your decision-making.

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“This is a large deal,”said Bayless. “This was a really, really negative idea starting with Odell Beckham and all the diva receivers top top the new York Giants. It’s together a negative idea and also a bad look, it currently makes me re-think my position and also prediction of yesterday that the Giants will certainly go as much as Lambeau Field and end Aaron Rodgers’ ‘historical’ – as dubbed it – “run.”

It doesn’t help that Giants fan are currently concerned around a supposed Bieber curse because they wouldn’t be the first team to hang out through the popular music star and also then lose crucial game – also if over there isn’t quite enough evidence come prove the the curse is, in fact, real. However as we’ve learned in the past, some sporting activities curses, no matter exactly how much belief you put in them, deserve to really come back to haunt a team. Simply ask James Harden and the Houston Rockets.

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At the very least they have a “disappointed” Eli Manning do dad jokes, though, come keep everything in perspective.