Jazzy Mills (sister), cordell Beckham (younger half-brother), Sonny Odell Beckham (younger half-brother), Summer Odalis Beckham (younger half-sister)


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Date that birth: October 18, 1970

The younger generation of sporting activities lovers may not know a lot about Odell Beckham, Sr., a dad of our hero. Mr. Beckham Sr. Attracted lots of public attention after his sharp response to man Mara, the co-owner of the Giants. Mara reaction rudely come Odell Jr.’s interview, whereby the player criticized several of his team members (you can read more about it in “Facts”). Then, the father defended his son and responded come Mara through Twitter to assistance Odell Jr. He advised the team’s owner “not to throw a chair” come his son’s side.

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As girlfriend see, Odell Beckham Sr. Is always ready to assist his kid. He tries to be a great father to each of his five children, which the welcomed v three various mommies. He had actually two children with his an initial wife Heather valve Norman. Nowadays he is married to Lisa Littlefield. They parental a son and also a daughter dong in 2014 and also 2018. He additionally has one kid from the partnership with an unknown woman.

Odell Beckham Sr. Was brought up in Temple, Texas in the household of one athlete. He became an American soccer player in ~ a school team and then continued playing at LSU (just prefer his son). In the 1990s the played for the university team “Tigers”.

Nowadays that is a happy family man and also a philanthropist. The is associated in numerous charity projects, including BEckham legendary Inc.

Heather van Norman (mother)

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Odell is a sporting activities superstar for many people worldwide, however just a tiny boy, a son for one legendary woman – Heather van Norman.

She is a celebrity in the people of sports, too. Heather has made a good career together a track-and-field athlete and also a coach.

Not much is known around her childhood years. Actually, her expert biography starts in 1988, as soon as she joined her peers at the college of Minnesota. Her outstanding athletic an abilities were i found it immediately, and she was title Freshman monitor Athlete that the Year.

In 1989 she transferred to LSU, whereby she ongoing her sports career. She join the college team “Tigers” and also brought lots of victories to her teammates as a track and also field athlete. Besides, she dropped in love through the Tigers’ American soccer player Odell Beckham Sr. Their relationships were developing; finally, they obtained married and welcomed two children – a child Odell Sr. And also a daughter Jasmyne.

After their divorce, Heather concentrated on her career. Currently, she serves as the head coach of nicholls State college Athletics’ track and also field team.


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Date that birth: may 27, 2002

Kordell Beckham is Odell’s younger half-brother from the paternal side. His father, Odell Sr. Has actually never to be married to Kordell’s mother officially. Nothing is known about this woman, and also Kordell himself doesn’t short article any photo of his mother on his Instagram page, also he has lots of pictures with his dad and brothers.

He was raised in Texas. The boy studied at Dawson High School. He played American football for the institution team. In 2020, he graduated from school.

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Kordell has actually a permanent relationship with a beautiful young lady. He is really right into her and also plans to invest the totality life v her.