Description : description : cite my surname in your track"s title as NAJAFor commercial use call me, payment required.

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I expect you"ll prefer it.Show me what you"ve created.

*Not sure about the tempo and I don"t remember which key is it.

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If you have actually used this acapella leave part feedback or say thanks and also post a connect to the monitor you made. Personally from gift the ideal thing to perform it also encourages artist to upload much more acapellas.

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or to speak thanks and post a link to the track you made. Personal from gift the right thing to execute it likewise encourages artists to upload more acapellas.


Description : Here"s this short indian sample the chords. Different from the usual stuff. No words really, however hey friend never understand what girlfriend might be able to do through it!

As always, be sure to article links in the comment section below to her mixes. I always love checking them the end :) expect you guys like it!

You guys can use the as long as it states "Feat. Farisha" in the title.


Description : Alright guys, ns hope girlfriend guys have actually fun v this one. Walk crazy! Haha, as always I love hearing what you men do through em. For this reason let be sure to post a link to the track on this page.

You guys should feel cost-free to use it, a lengthy as you say "Feat. Farisha"

Description : Hey guys, I understand it"s to be a while! School"s to be killing me. However anyways, here"s a brief chorus acapella. Hope you men like it! have actually fun, and all i ask is the you you re welcome say "Feat Farisha". Feel cost-free to send me links or the track,I always love hear what you men do v it!

Description : Hey! Here"s a brief hook. All i ask is that you you re welcome say "Feat. Farisha" hope you men like it :)

Description : another simple, funny dancy kind snippet. Be an innovative and have fun v this one :)

As always, be certain to post links in the comment section listed below to her mixes. I always love checking them out :) expect you males like it!

You guys have the right to use that as lengthy as it states "Feat. Farisha" in the title.

Description : sorry guys, don"t understand the bmp, yet here"s the acapella come the breathe Track. If you males use it, i"d love to hear it :)

Description : i completely forgot what tempo this was at however i understand it"s come a stable beat. Hope you males like it! and also i"d love to listen to what you men come up v :)

Please to speak "Feat. Farisha"

Description : This is one of my friends that is singing that I functioned with. You re welcome send me your songs! my friend"s surname is Maddy. I likewise made part vocal loops on mine profile that ns personally chopped to make part remakes or remixes or flips. Anyways enjoy!

Description : mrs Vocals, indigenous a skilled local artist called Tea Alexandra Frigaard.

This acapella contains 3 different sets of chorus; Regular, brief (Building to Bridge) and a long Chorus.

It"s in English and untouched.Please note that this acapella has actually been authorized because that sharing.

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NB:If you want to hear the track it"s originally provided in, follow this link:

Description : This is mine acapella indigenous a project (Tonight) that just wasn"t working out for me. I"m bummed this job didn"t occupational out. I"m requesting that you show me what you carry out with it, ns love hearing every one of the projects!

REQUIREMENTS FOR making use of MY VOCALS:1. My name, Stephanie Kay, should be attributed in the job title and/or description. 2.For advertisement projects, please inform me via email w/ a link and also brief description of her project.3.I ask that I have the ability to post/share your tune (once released) top top my society media accounts & can credit the vocal work-related on my website.**IF there will be any kind of issues w/ the above, please email me or facebook blog post me.

You deserve to "pay" me w/ a Facebook like ;)

Description : Here"s one more one, quicker paced.

Please post the attach in the comments section so ns can check it out. Thanks :D

**Please write "Feat. Farisha"**Come ~ above guys, I"m posting it because that free, anyone have the right to use it. I"m no asking because that much, however for god"s sake you re welcome at least mention my surname for credit transaction :P

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