It might seem like Sebastian Stan jumped ~ above the scene the end of nowhere playing Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The very first Avenger, however he was on the scene prior to he take it on his function in the MCU.

after his first appearance together Bucky, you would have thought he\"d go on come star in some really an excellent projects, but he got a role as a recurring personality on one ABC show instead. Once upon a Time to it is in exact. He play Jefferson, a.k.a. The foolish Hatter. Yeah, we never knew either.

that only had about six illustration on the display until he had actually to leaving to reprise Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so the may have been a godsend the he was actors as the MCU character. It got him the end of playing the character because that longer.

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but what go Stan think around his days together the storybook character? must we riddle it out for you?

He to be A Scene-Stealer

Stan appeared as The Mad baht (based on Lewis Carroll\"s Alice in Wonderland character) in season among OUAT. His surname is Jefferson, after the rock band Jefferson airplane who has actually a Carroll-related song referred to as \"White Rabbit.\" He\"s referred to as The Mad hatter or Hatter, also though Carroll never uses this ax to describe the character.

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Like every one of OUAT\"s characters, Jefferson\"s character is closely based on the initial storybook character, however there\"s a twist. He\"s a theif who provides his hat together a portal to travel to other worlds. Walk anyone remember once he gained beheaded by the Red Queen and lived to tell the tale?

Decider wrote that he was a full scene-stealer when he starred together the character in the very first two seasons.

\"Stan provides the many of the role, imbuing him with layers of sinister menace, roguish charm, and real despondence over the ns of his daughter,\" lock wrote. \"All told, the a juicy revolve from the actor. That tackles the part with sincerity and also wonder, and yes, a much more than a small bit of campy fun.\"

however what attracted Stan to Jefferson? that likes to play personalities that are totally the opposite of him.

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“It’s more fun when you gain to execute something different than yourself. I prefer to think i’m an amazing person, yet I don’t recognize how amazing I really am, to be honest,\" Stan said in one interview with Buro. Singapore.

\"More and more, i feel a duty to desire to be associated with necessary stories that desire to be told, or kind of affect people in a way and gives voice to characters that probably are no heard as easily. Civilization that overcome things in their life, or unusual circumstances.\"

They wanted Him For A Spinoff

In 2013, Deadline report that abc was feather to produce a spinoff that OUAT v The Mad hatter as the main character. In ~ first, they wanted Stan, that course, due to the fact that he\"d steal the display during his six-episode arc, but he couldn\"t commit due to the fact that he was currently under contract in the MCU.

This was likewise around the moment that Captain America: The Winter Soldier started filming. As soon as they couldn\"t get Stan, they determined to recast the character. The creators that OUAT, Adam Horowitz and also Edward Kitsis, to be on board.

They wanted the personality to make a guest appearance at the end of the season, feel the end the fan\"s reactions, and climate decide on the spinoff.

THR wrote, \"Though the spinoff task is in the an extremely early stages, abc is mulling whether a quick presentation will certainly be filmed or a backdoor pilot will certainly air later on this season. It would certainly be a late addition to ABC’s pilot pool and also would it is in vying because that a autumn 2013 slot.\"

however the display didn\"t get the okay, in the end. In ~ PaleyFest, Kitsis said, \"We have actually no plans to recast anyone,\" responding come the rumored spinoff. The went on come say the Stan is \"a an extremely busy man\" and \"I don’t understand when he will certainly be make his way toward us Once ~ above a Time>.\"

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He never made his way back. In fact, he stayed in the MCU and is still there. So this begs the question; did Bucky rescue Stan? If that really took pleasure in his time together The mad Hatter, he wouldn\"t have actually auditioned because that Bucky, right?

us don\"t know precisely how Stan felt about his time as Jefferson, but we have the right to guess the he thanked his lucky stars that he was actors as Bucky. The went on come star in four other MCU movies after Winter Soldier and has simply finished The Falcon and also the Winter Soldier.

now he\"s starring as Motley Crue\"s Tommy Lee in Pam & Tommy. Therefore we thank OUAT for providing Stan the suffer he needed, however we\"re means more happy he determined to go to the MCU instead of remaining on as The foolish Hatter. If he\"d chose to remain on the abc show, the would have been a mad decision just his character can have made.