'Once upon A Time' Season 2, illustration 9: 'Queen that Hearts' - Homeward tied Emma and also the 3 princesses gyeongju Cora and also Hook to open up a portal into Storybrooke in "Once upon a Time" season 2, episode 9: "Queen the Hearts."

Once ~ above a time season 2 episode 9 queen of mind queen
not for the first time, the Once top top A Time writers take a three-strand technique to story-telling. The fascinating Forest"s past journeys again into Wonderland come unveil the mystery identity the the woman behind the velvet shroud.

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In the Forest"s present, an all-out gyeongju to open the magic portal into Storybrooke is on. And also in Storybrooke, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Regina(Lana Parilla) need to decide if the ideal defense versus the opportunity of Cora"s (Barbara Hershey) return is a strong offense.

The previous is fleshed out, beginning with how, 28 year ago, Hook"s (Colin O"Donoghue) taste because that revenge landing him in the middle of a messy, mother-daughter feud. In exchange for not killing Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Regina offers Hook the chance to execute her a favor, promising the in return he"ll gain to come along to the land where Rumple will certainly be stripped of his magic.

Thus, Hook finds himself in Wonderland, where he locates - and fails to death - the Queen the Hearts, Regina"s mother. Cora manages to persuade Hook come let she play dead because that Regina, but her plans change when Regina discover a weakness. Cora decides it"s much more worth her while to maintain a portion of the fascinating Forest and also bide her time till the curse is broken; till Regina is vulnerable sufficient to destroy once and for all.

Clearly, Regina doesn"t know the specifics of Cora"s survival. Nevertheless, she and Rumple understand that Cora will be the end for revenge on castle both. Rumple"s systems is a curse that will certainly kill whomever comes with the portal first. Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) is vehemently opposed to this because it could kill his mother and Snow (Ginnfer Goodwin) instead. Rumple doesn"t have a trouble with collateral damage, however Regina waffles and while she guarantees Henry she will safeguard Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow, she quiet goes with Rumple"s setup to enact the curse.

Meanwhile, in the contemporary Enchanted Forest, Cora has followed Aurora"s (Sarah Bolger) love to the place that the princesses and also Emma are searching for the octopus ink that will help them open the portal. The former Queen of mind locks lock in Rumple"s fascinating cell and also leaves, make the classic poor guy wrong of failing to examine for loopholes.

and also a loophole is what castle find, in the type of a scroll spanned with Emma"s name that was created by Rumple in ink ink. Fortunately, snow knows simply the assignment to relax it native the record and castle from their cage. Aurora insists that they tie her up and leave her behind for this reason Cora can"t usage her heart against them. A mad dash come Lake Nostas and also a kind fight sequence between great and angry ensues, wherein Hook return the heart he stole and Emma learn Cora"s heart-ripping powers are useless against her. Snow and also Emma make a break because that the portal if Mulan (Jaimie Chung) takes the heart ago to Aurora as they collection off ~ above a search to uncover Prince Phillip.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry isn"t at all thrilled around Regina"s betrayal. When a little bit overly optimistic like his grandfather, Henry"s entreaties at least are no as saccharine and Regina"s angry side hold out until the an extremely last second. The moment she elevator the curse, the portal collapses, spitting out two very weary travelers who are glad to it is in home.

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Poor Regina is forced to watch Henry and Emma"s joyful reunion, as well as Snow"s bedside renewal of Charming (Josh Dallas), and her reward for doing what"s appropriate leaves her simply as alone together she ever was. The acting below is very strong on Lana Parilla"s part, inviting the audience to watch why she character therefore despises happy endings. All, however, is no as happy together it looks, and also with Hook and Cora cruising their means into Storybrooke, the next fifty percent of the season promises to be much more exciting 보다 the first.