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You are watching: One piece film: gold episode 0

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If you're a large fan of One Piece, you'll probably enjoy this. Probably.....You'll defiantly enjoy this if girlfriend love to witness the very same OLD hoax OVER and also OVER AGAIN!!!! Sanji and also Brookes love for females in bikinies, luffy love because that meat, chopper being so darn cute, and also the girls...just being regular old hotgirls am ns right?! ugh..............After watching One piece for a long time, I found this episode rather boring and also predictable. Do human being really prefer to laugh in ~ the very same old tropes and jokes over and over again. Ns guess One piece gets away v it, because...well.....its FREAKIN ONE piece BRO!

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for so long we asked because that something choose this, the straw hats gaining to invest time together, goofing around and also stuff, It's always good to have fun, the brand-new world has actually been a great problem, where we didn't acquire to watch the crew all out somewhere, through no care in the world, good times.- Story (7/10):If us were to be an ext specific, there is no yes, really story or so come speak, “Plot” come this short special, you gain to check out the straw hats sailing towards Gran Tesoro if they space imagining how fun it would be to be there, the just thing that's worth maintaining girlfriend watching is see the taw hats interact an ext friendly, doing those fun team activities, competition, joking around and also all, however really, much more than anything, i guess the studio unleashed your wild imagination and also blessed the Name-Robbin fan business beggars v such a treat.- art (8/10):It watch fascinating, come say the least, the deals with are done really accurately, the frames room fluid, also the physics to be spot on, especial ~ above -you-know-where.- Sound (7.5/10):Nothing remarkable, however at least, it mixed with the environment of the short, really, nothing come complain about, that would be your last worries, as the visuals are more catching, and also would more than likely keep you immersed more than the music.- character (7/10):One item is wealthy with unique characters, this scoring point could it is in deceiving come some, the just thing behind it is the lack of new characters, when we obtain to check out our acquainted crew faces, they are much more focused one in this short, and their interactions room what really distinguishes this from your weekly episodes.- Enjoyment (8/10):Did ns laugh in ~ the reoccurring jokes every time? Yes, I certainly did, even much more so on Sanji and also Zoro's interactions, there in different way should it is in canon episode on this, on the straw hats spending great times together, I appreciated this much more than i thought, and I certain love to see new shorts favor this.- as whole (7.5/10):Would i recommend this? It's definitely not for everyone, just your hardcore One piece fans out there the really want to see more of your favorite crew members, It's not important at all to clock this prequel prior to watching the movie Film: Gold, or at all really.