The gang heads to Utah top top the season finale that One Tree Hill. Haley tags follow me for the trip, hope to conquer her recent depression.

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Haley proceeds to struggle this week, if Nathan make the efforts to number out just how to help. Elsewhere, Julian reflects off his perfect movie and there"s a treasure hunt!


A lot goes under this week. Because that example, Brooke encounters the autumn of Alexander"s tryst with Victoria. Also, Alex finds out around a an enig regarding Josh. It could derail Julian"s movie.


Nathan security the day through Jamie ~ above this episode. Meanwhile, Haley must pertained to grips her mother"s passing.


Nathan help Jamie pertained to terms v Lydia"s impending death this week. It"s a sad episode titled "The critical Day of ours Acquaintance."


Haley and also Jamie struggle to expropriate Lydia"s look at hopeless case this week. The episode is titled "At The Bottom that Everything."

Brooke and also Julian effort to store harmony in their resides this week. The illustration is title "My Attendance is bad But mine Intentions room Good."

This week"s episode pays homage to so late director man Hughes. It"s title "Don"t friend Forget around Me."

This is the very first One Tree Hill episode after a prolonged hiatus. It"s title "Weeks go By like Days."

Nathan and also Haley face a difficult decision this week. The episode is titled "You know I Love You, Don"t You."

This is an extra lengthy episode title because that the week. The installment is referred to as "You room A Runner and also I to be My Father"s Son."

This week"s episode of One Tree Hill is titled "Now you Lift your Eyes to the Sun." Sophia bush directed it.

On this episode, Nathan and Haley deal with the reality that Dan has invited Renee onto his show. The hour is title "I and Love and also You."

Nathan"s scandal i do not care public on this episode of One Tree Hill. It"s title "Believe Me, I"m Lying."

A funeral takes ar this main on One Tree Hill. We"re obtained a quick rundown that "Hold mine Hand as I to be Lowered."

This is the 2nd episode the One Tree Hill"s seventh season. The installment is titled "What are You ready to Lose."

The seventh season the One Tree Hill picks up 14 month after season 6 concluded. This is a recap the the episode"s events.

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One Tree Hill Season 7 Quotes

occasionally I think us waste our words and also we waste our moments, and we don"t take the moment to to speak the points that room in ours hearts when we have the chance.

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Skills: I"ll just be in Cali, it"s no large deal. We"ll still see each other.Jamie: favor I view Uncle Lucas?

Added: December 01, 2009
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