From One-Winged point of view to Mega Man, exactly how Kenny Omega Embraces Gaming culture Kenny Omega has long included gaming society into his moves, costumes and entrance music.

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AEW"s brand-new Women"s Champion, Hikaru Shida, rocked some gear that will certainly be acquainted to PlayStation pan of many generations at Double or Nothing. Shida wore a palette-swapped tribute come Final Fantasy VII"s Tifa, who newly made a comeback in the game"s remake. However, Shida"s video clip game shout-out has actually nothing on her co-worker/boss, Kenny Omega.

Omega put on his video game influences on his figurative and also literal sleeve. They"re together baked right into his character together beer and also Bible Verses were for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

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Omega"s most apparent gaming referral is his finisher, the One Winged Angel. The move was gathered to mythic proportions throughout his operation in new Japan. No one kicked the end of it, consisting of his rival Kazuchika Okada, that kicks the end of everything. It"s a Final Fantasy VII reference, come Sephiroth"s battle music in the game and Kingdom Hearts. Omega as also worn a Sephiroth-inspired jacket together entrance gear.

A less apparent Final Fantasy referral is Omega"s ring surname itself. He chose it as a reference to the Omega Weapon boss that"s showed up multiple times in the series, including classics entries prefer FF VI and also VIII.

Additionally, Omega has used a variation of Mega man antagonist Dr. Wily"s ceo music as an enntrance gate theme, yet he"s more synonymous with another Capcom franchise: He"s one avowed Street Fighter fanatic. That calls his signature to run knee strike the V-Trigger, a reference to a play mechanic that was introduced in Street Fighter V. 

Omega has additionally integrated Ryu and Ken"s above fireball, the hadouken, right into his relocate set. It"s not something he"s broken out much because becoming a main occasion level wrestler in NJPW, however he walk still use it on one-of-a-kind occasions.

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among those occasions was last year"s Fyter Fest. The AEW show was hosted alongside the C.E.O. Fighting game Championship in Orlando. It followed in the footsteps that a similar show Omega booked in ~ C.E.O. The year before, while still functioning for NJPW.

To mark the occasion, Omega and the Young Bucks cosplayed as Street Fighter"s Akuma, Ryu and Ken. The Bucks entered to the Street Fighter II theme song. No to it is in outdone, Omega recreated one of Akuma"s super move on an too many enthusiastic "fan" who ran up the enntrance gate ramp and also posed v the Bucks.

Toward the end of the match, the Elite faced off v all 3 of your opponents, the Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid, in the middle of the ring. After being staggered by superkicks, the elite responded through triple hadouken palm strikes, come a substantial reaction from the audience.

Omega"s not just a fan of standard franchises. He"s additionally loves 2015"s Undertale, an indie RPG memory of Nintendo"s EarthBound. Omega to be a latecomer come the game, naming it his game of the year in a 2018 conversation with other wrestling superstar/gamer Xavier Woods.

Omega"s fandom led him come commission two entrance videos native its creator, Toby Fox. Omega it is registered the an initial to NJPW to run before what turned the end to be his final match with the company, in ~ Wrestle Kingdom 13. NJPW declined to usage it, together it contradicted the story lock were informing with Omega together a heel, therefore he uploaded to the Elite"s Youtube channel.

The second video aired in complete on an illustration of Dynamite. It featured a demonic sports of NJPW"s lion logo and also made reference to Omega"s former tags team partner, Kota Ibushi, who stayed with NJPW when Omega left. Omega rejected NJPW demon"s blog post that his friend in AEW would certainly abandon him. He then gotten in the arena cosplaying as Undertale"s Sans. His music for the entrance to be Megalovania, a famous song from the game.

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Omega"s video clip game fandom is authentic. It"s not an affectation filtered through people who don"t get it, favor TJP"s character in WWE. The finest wrestling personalities are who the performer is turned approximately 11; Omega"s version just happens to be a video game nerd who have the right to throw a median knee to win in real life.