did you gain Opening Day*? I’ll gambling you did. Yes nothing much better than breaking the icy clutches that winter with the magic of opened Day**, when the sunshine*** streams under on a living round field and reminds friend that, yes, winter constantly gives way to spring, i m sorry gives method to summer, and summer is the cure for everything that ails you****.

* This was not Opening Day. Give me Cincinnati or offer me death.

** Baseball doesn’t begin on a Sunday, what is this fake opening Day nonsense?

*** The very first game that the year remained in a DOME, with absolutely no sunshine, i beg your pardon is some reverse-groundhog witchery, and I’m an extremely mad.

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**** there is no cure, ns so sorry, have actually some baseball.

And while that not prefer we can make any kind of grand proclamations after ~ one video game — only 5 of the six division winners winner their first game last year, after all — the doesn’t median we can’t discover anything on opened Day.

Here are some lessons around the first day of 2017 baseball, then. Some of the class are more important than other lessons, however the most crucial lesson is the just due to the fact that one game out of 162 games doesn’t have to mean everything, the doesn’t mean it’s totally devoid that meaning.

The brand-new turf in ~ Tropicana ar looks great

Yes, the very first pitch that the 2017 season was thrown in a dome, with catwalks and also man-made abstractions blocking the end our communal resource of life, and that to be an abomination.

Take a moment to mental what might have been, and also what still could be:

Wikipedia I’m no in favor of oligarchs and obscenely rich world funneling public money into a structure that benefits them disproportionately, but, well, I’m no not in favor of the stadium. Together always, the true price is “Erratic rich person who cares around sports method more than he or she should,” yet those are hard to find.

Regardless, that ballpark isn’t coming, therefore the Rays need to make do. And also they walk fine. The brand-new turf look at outstanding.

Well the field at the Trop looks better #rays pic.twitter.com/0LlcRsaxbM

— i get it Mooney (
RogerMooney50) in march 31, 2017

It seemed like it had actually some life on it, so if you’re in a fantasy league that counts doubles and also triples, consider this a warm stock tip. Aesthetically, though, that a vast improvement.

Carlos Martinez is not going to it is in baseball’s many underrated pitcher because that long

Over the last two years, among starters through at the very least 350 innings pitched, below are the leader in changed ERA:

Clayton KershawJake ArrietaZack GreinkeMax ScherzerMadison BumgarnerCorey KluberJon LesterCarlos MartinezDavid PriceJohnny Cueto

That’s a repertoire of Cy Young winners and $25 million pitchers, and right there towards the bottom is Carlos Martinez, who is remarkable and also doesn’t get virtually as lot attention as he should.

I would show you a video, yet this will do simply fine.

What you’re looking in ~ is a) the location, b) the chyron in the bottom-right the confirms it was 100 mph, c) the sudden shift of Addison Russell’s hands into bunt mode, i beg your pardon is the fetal position of baseball, and d) the I-just-threw-100-mph strut that Martinez together he walks about the mound. Not pictured: the nasty changeups that collection this all up.

I don’t understand if las Vegas gives odds top top All-Star game starters, however I’ll gambling you can get 12-to-1 on Martinez appropriate now. After ~ Sunday, that would look favor a sweet bet.

The Giants’ bullpen is a, uh, work-related in progress

On the season finale the Giants Bullpen from critical year:

“oh no, f

five no oh no oh no five no five no”


“oh no no no no no no”

“they carried my childhood pet back to life just to set it top top fire, why would certainly they do that”

Then the next season starts, and they’re utilizing the very same storyline. Lazy, lazy writers! let me to walk you with this:

Derek regulation struck the end 50 batters critical year and also walked nine in 55 innings. He finished the season v a 2.13 ERA and a 2.53 FIP. If the Giants’ bullpen was going come be far better this season, legislation was going to it is in a huge component of that.

Mark Melancon has been unimpeachably awesome for four seasons now, one of baseball’s absolute ideal closers. In his critical 290 innings, he’s been great for a 1.80 ERA, 2.25 FIP, and also 212 ERA+, v a superb 6-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio.

These room the two pitchers that blew conserves for the Giants on Sunday.

Neither of them need to blow a the majority of saves.

They’re most likely pretty good, as with they to be last year.

The only difficulty is the it happened IN THE very first GAME that THE 2017 SEASON, once GIANTS pan ARE more SENSITIVE than USUAL. However it’s much more than that. Critical year, Russell Carleton composed a brilliant piece about how it’s feasible that toxic bullpens are something the a self-fulfilling prophecy. As soon as things start going bad, anyone else start gripping the sphere a tiny tighter, and those borderline pitches start going the various other way. It’s a complete mess, and also it continues to it is in a total mess.

A new season should be a new start, then. Very same pitchers, exact same arms, simply without the stink of unfortunate expectations.

Instead, the Giants have actually the stink that unfortunate expectations again. Every team will blow a conserve this year. They’ll all have difficult bullpen-induced losses. None of them will do it through the same kind that anti-grace the the Giants showed on opened Day, though. This was the one team the couldn’t bought the push of a blown conserve on day one, and also they got one. Bonus clues for getting two in the same game. Extra bonus points because that one comes from the brand-new $62 million closer, the guy who represents the whole offseason.

Extra, extra bonus points because that blowing the save since you couldn’t retire Jeff Mathis and also Daniel Descalso through two outs.

They’re more than likely not the worst bullpen in baseball. Based on one game, though, they could be the same bullpen. That’s a problem.

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Madison Bumgarner is a man-obelisk who need to never it is in thrown a fastball again

Madison Bumgarner to be the very first pitcher to hit two home runs on opening Day. Baseball keeps chugging away, but there room still unexpected milestones to make us feel like children again.

Those to be absolutely demolished. Bumgarner sent his respects come the baseballs’ families, yet he supplies no financial support in their troubling times.

However, in ~ the hazard of spoiling one of baseball’s ideal stories and also Bunyanesque myths, permit me to display you Madison Bumgarner versus a good breaking ball:


This is not an anomaly. An excellent pitches will certainly make Bumgarner look prefer a pitcher, especially the break pitches. He’s trying to find fastballs under the middle or hanging breaking balls down the middle, and also he’s going to swing as difficult as he possibly can, simply in situation someone litter one.

Diamondbacks pitchers threw him 2 fastballs in the Diamondbacks-uniform of locations. They have to not have actually done that.

It is absolutely sensible to pitch Bumgarner up, in, or exterior with fastballs he can not hit, just like pitchers execute with every various other slugger in the game. That hit 2 homers because the Diamondbacks screwed the up, and also because he’s better than most pitchers with a bat. Mostly, though, it’s since pitching is hard. Cram a fastball whereby a hitter can’t acquire to it is ... Type of the point.

If the were basic to do, this would certainly be one dull sport.

Pitcher wins are still the very worst statistic

Your win pitchers top top Sunday:

Chris Archer (7 IP, 2 ER, 7 H, 1 BB, 5 SO)Fernando Rodney (1 IP, 1 ER, 2 H, 2 BB, 0 SO)Seung-hwan oh (1⅔ IP, 3 ER, 2 H, 0 BB, 2 SO)

I don’t desire to be a zealot around it, but, c’mon. The an absolutely horrible statistic that doesn’t tell us anything.

I can almost see it because that starters. For relievers, though, that is the very worst. Sunday to be a an excellent argument why.

Sunday was a an excellent argument because that why baseball is good, though. Pitcher dingers. Aces look favor aces. Walk-offs, walk-offs, walk-offs.

It no the actual Opening Day, however it’ll perform until the genuine Opening Day gets here. Don’t forget to find out something or ascribe as well much definition to anything you’ve seen. The your right as a baseball fan.