Stealth no play a particularly massive role in TheOuterWorlds, however there is one important aspect to it. ~ leaving Terra 2, Phineas Welles will certainly tell girlfriend all about his new device, the HolographicShroud

You’ll find the Holographic Shroud in the Captain’s quarters of the Unreliable. You’ll uncover this area on the second floor, just prior to the crew’s bunks. 

The Holographic Shroud acts together an prompt disguise at any time you enter a RestrictedArea. Friend don’t must activate it, as it works instantly providing you have the best ID Cartridge to fit the area. The Shroud is minimal by a purple meter in ~ the bottom that the display that wears under over time. Motion makes the meter go down faster, and also it deserve to only it is in refreshed by leave the area and coming back.

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In the occasion you run out, security may try and talk to you, where you’ll have to use among your personality features to pass a conversation. Act this will certainly reset the Shroud again. If you get caught three time the Shroud will fail and you far better be ready for a gunfight. 

Restricted areas don’t come about an extremely much in The outer Worlds, yet when they perform they often tend to hold some amazing items or pursuit lines, so you’ll sometimes require to uncover a means in them. The course, shooting everyone or trying to use classic stealth is always an option, however not one we necessarily recommend. 

The large issue through the Shroud is the you need IDCartridges. Id Cartridges are what strength the Shroud and without them you’ll be there is no a disguise. There are 5 ID Cartridges come find throughout Halcyon, and they normally correlate to wherever you find them. For example, the Mardet i would Cartridge will correlate to limited Areas ~ above the Groundbreaker. There space multiple methods to gain ID Cartridges, however these are the most basic we can find. 


Mardet identifier Cartridge

Since the very first time you’ll need to use the Shroud is most likely to it is in on the Groundbreaker, this is walking to it is in the first ID Cartridge you will do it find. 

It makes sense then, the this is additionally the most basic to get. In what has to be a parody the quests having easy solutions, the Mardet ID have the right to be uncovered on the table right alongside the limited Area in the MedicalBay

The id Cartridge can also be uncovered on a crate alongside the Mardet’s office. Don’t expect two places for any of the various other ID Cartridges though, this is a one off to demonstrate how the Shroud works. 

Sublight identifier Cartridge

To find this Cartridge, you’ll have to go to AmberHeightson Monarch. Towards the finish of the city is what looks prefer a bar, i beg your pardon is whereby you’ll it is in heading. 

You’ll view a locked door in ~ the top of the stairs, i m sorry will need a Lockpick ability of 40 to obtain into. You deserve to optionally use Bronson’s Key, but having a high sufficient lockpicking skill is encourage for general play anyway.

Inside the room you’ll discover the Sublight id Cartridge on a shelf near a bin. 

Boarst factory ID Cartridge

This cartridge is optional and also only a component of the SlaughterhouseClive next quest, however it have the right to be a huge help for making that quest go faster. 

To find the Boarst factory ID Cartridge, you’ll need to head to Fallbrook top top Monarch. Go to the DryGoodsAndSundry and also you’ll find Duncan Elley.

Talk come him and the dialogue option will come up to say the you require an identifier Cartridge to get into the Boarst Factory. You’ll need to have actually a Dialogue skill that’s above 70 to happen his conversation and also get the Boarst factory ID Cartridge. 

UDL identification Cartridge

You’ll discover this Cartridge on Byzantium, and it will assist you when getting around the limited Areas the the Ministry

To obtain this Cartridge, you’ll first need to hack right into a computer on the reduced floor the the Ministry. You’ll uncover the computer system in a corner. Act so will certainly let you uncover a conversation where Caroline complains around other members that the Ministry. Talk to her following this will certainly make her let you into the lab.

This is where the id Cartridge is actually located, however to get access to it you’ll must make a choice. If you have actually 100 lied or 70 Intimidate, you can talk come the guard and get access to the Cartridge without any type of bloodshed but that counts on just how high you’ve been making her dialogue skills. Failing this, girlfriend can choose to kill him together discreetly together possible. The an option is yours.

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As a side-note, as soon as you obtain onto the Hope afterwards in the game, you have the right to actually uncover a most the i would Cartridges top top there. This will certainly be late right into your playthrough though, for this reason it's preferable to acquire them earlier on. 

Labyrinth security Personnel i would Cartridge

This is likely to be the last ID Cartridge you find in The external Worlds. As soon as making her journey come Tartarus, you will do it be quit by a guard prior to your ship can park. 

Whilst he’s reprimanding you, you have the right to trick him into offering you an identifier Cartridge. You’ll require a Dialogue ability with 70 point out to pull it off, but it’s the only method to obtain the i would Cartridge. 

This is the many reliable way to avoid combat in this ar of the game, so we absolutely recommend getting it.