Pardon mine ignorance but can anyone define the major differences between this and also the P-51? I very own the P-51 and also i choose flying it from time to time to scratch the WWII itch, however is this airplane different sufficient from it the it would certainly be precious a buy or would certainly i be much better getting miscellaneous such as the spitfire or a German plane?


P-51 - Light, rapid not rugged. A sports car. Produced chasing various other planes around. Everything made precisely to fit.


A water coooled in-line Merlin engine that you should baby sit all the time.

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P-47 - hefty (the heaviest of all the WWII), fast, very rugged. A pickup truck. Made for dogfight and also ground assault from the start.

Everything made with a lot of margin.


An wait cooled radial engine you can abuse.


If ground strike is your business (mine is, ns suck at air-to air) the Jug is the means to go.


It is no a coincidence the the A-10 is referred to as the Thunderbolt II.

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This is an remarkable sim! "Nuff said!:pilotfly:


YouTube: SloppyDog

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Posted June 9, 2020


Posted June 9, 2020

Actually, the wasn"t created ground attack. It was actually built to respond come a high altitude interceptor requirement:


The P-47 is just one of two fighters the were successfully able to incorporate a turbocharger system, the various other being the Lockheed P-38. That turbo have actually it the ideal high altitude performance of any fighter in WWII, with the possible exception of part late war German speculative fighters making use of nitrous oxide to attend to the altitude problems.


The P-51 was a designer"s concept of the ideal basic purpose fighter, the was aimed at incorporating every one of the great learned during the first half the the war.


The P-47 is a much earlier style developed out of a much older plane line together is a lot more facility beast due to the fact that of it. But it was likewise a an extremely flexible aircraft that was maybe to carry out in countless roles external of its original interceptor specification. Yet it"s fundamentally an larger design and carries a many the monster quirks the something the really is a culmination the the initial 1930"s SEV-3 concept.