Last weekend, the UFC touched under in Sacramento, California through UFC top top Fox 22. In the card’s main event, 22-year-old strawweight possibility Paige VanZant had actually the opportunity to score a large win in front of her adopted hometown as she take it on former Invicta atomweight champion Michelle Waterson.

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Regrettably for VanZant and also her fans in attendance, she was conveniently put come sleep through a Waterson rear-naked choke, comes up brief for the third time in 3 fights.

In the wake up of this win, VanZant’s long-time cultivate partner and also ex-boyfriend Cody Garbrandt sweet in top top the state of she career. He did so during a media luncheon in the buildup come his UFC 207 location fight with bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz.

“She’s young,” Garbrandt claimed of VanZant. “She’s very skilled, very athletic. We have a an excellent team and good coaches. She’ll discover her groove again. She’ll discover her groove.”


Garbrandt go on come remind exactly how VanZant rebounded from her 2nd most current loss, which was dealt by increased Namajunas critical December.

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“It’s a crazy sport,” the said. “You victory some, you shed some, however it’s how you bounce back. Look just how she bounced earlier from the rose loss. Coming off of ‘Dancing through The Stars’ through all that pressure and also she only had actually six mainly to gain ready — has an amazing, highlight-reel knockout ” 

Finally, Garbrandt sweet in top top VanZant’s many choices outside fighting – such together her current run on Dancing with the Stars – and also gave his take on even if it is or no these points would hurt she fighting job or not.

“That’s something that she’s gonna have to decide — if she gonna it is in a fighter or one entertainer,” Garbrandt said. “It’s not a negative position the she’s in, to be able to dabble in both. Ns tell you, if I could dance favor that, i wouldn’t it is in fighting. I’ll it is in dancing. I love fighting. That something i want to do. If something to be to arise out of this, I’ll take it. Yet I’m focused on fighting and she have to be, too. She’s young and she has so numerous years of gaining better. It’s about her, what she wants to do, at the finish of the day.”

How carry out you think Paige VanZant will certainly bounce back from her current loss come Michelle Waterson? Sound off, pen Nation!