Guitarist Ryan Ross recalled come VH1: "That was yes, really cool. I walked in one day and these men were talking around the song and also they said, "Why don"t you try to song this?" ns sang it because it was me and Jon"s (bassist Jon Walker) song, (so) ns knew the tune well. Us did it and everyone thought it was cool. It"s still among the coolest songs on the album.

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Jon from Clinton,, IaI think the Ryan Ross wrote and sang about the people, society and religion of Atlantis.Chase from Knoxville, Swedeni don"t know his quote up there, it"s choose he didn"t know the song and also they just wanted that to sing it. Clb indigenous A Place, VaRyan Ross has one that the most amazing and unique voices I"ve ever before heard. Jamal native Cleveland, OhSo what is this song actually about?Cdawg from Philadelpha, PaPANIC at THE DISCO IS THE ideal BAND IN THE WORLD! This song is so awesome. Ryan rss is soo good. That is a dead he didnt get to song in a heat you i do not know sweat out.Jenna from Nova Scotia, CanadaI love it,me and also my friend KC choose the finishing "cause its really tough to sing and also we end up messing up and also laughing our heads offLeah from Florissant, Moryan ross"s voice is amazing.this is my favorite track on the album.see much more comments
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