A son joined his parents at the former of the sanctuary while they offered communion during a Christian prayer service. Dad provided recipients piece of bread with the words "the human body of Christ broken for you." Mom offered the communion cup, saying, "Jesus" blood melted for you." Wanting a job, the young parked himself next to his parents and also blessed every recipient prior to they went earlier to your seats, saying, "And might the force be with you!"

It"s feasible no one really noticed. "May the force be through you" is for this reason well incorporated into our social mindset the the phrase doesn"t stand out, also when uttered in strange circumstances.

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Some of us feel a sense of connection in between the civilization of Star Wars and also the people of our religious tradition. Because that many, there"s a reflexive advice to answer "and additionally with you!" every time we hear "May the force be v you." It can be the the words are simply comparable to native we often hear in a Christian praise service. OR, it might be that the stories and also themes told in Star wars so closely resemble some stories and also themes in our spiritual tradition that we feel an natural connection in between the two. Maybe the stories of Star Wars could even it is in illustrations the themes current in religion. Perhaps it"s all of the above.

How walk the Star battles saga highlight Christian faith? check out on, young Padawan, because that a peek at Christian themes laced into the stories of Star wars …

Blessed room those who space persecuted because that righteousness" sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The an initial six Star Wars films (episodes I through VI) are, essentially, the story of the rise, fall and also redemption that Anakin Skywalker. Anakin"s life started with much promise. He to be the preferred One, heralded to lug peace and also order come the galaxy.

Anakin had actually a special feeling of the world roughly him and learned that his presents solved big problems. He focused his youthful ambition an initial on helping people, even if it intended leaving his mother and also his home. He combated through his are afraid of separation and joined the Jedi, an order of righteous warriors.

But together he prospered older, he allowed fear to creep right into his life, along with its cousins: doubt, greed and anger. Under the influence of a powerful dark force, Anakin turned away from the righteous path. That encased his humankind in a maker and ended up being an tool of evil.

Yet his humanity and sense of righteousness stayed inside, dormant till kindled by the love of his own son. In his son, he experienced the look of steadfast faith and also unconditional love.

At journey"s end, when faced with the finality of evil"s triumph, Anakin regained his humanity and also destroyed the evil, even though it proved fatal to him. Yet with his sacrifice, that fulfilled his destiny, prospering to carry peace and order come the galaxy.

A righteous reason worth dying for.

And speak of dice for reasons …

No one has better love 보다 this, to lay under one"s life for one"s friends.

This quote is just one of the last teachings Jesus delivers to his disciples prior to his death on the cross. He was predicting numerous things. First, he"s laying down his life to save his group of friend from additional trouble through the authorities who are out to get them. Secondly, he is stepping aside, in a sense, for this reason the holy Spirit could involved them (John 16:7). He is additionally offering himself together a witness to his friends — and all of us — mirroring the degree of God"s love. The evil is that, although us reject and also deny God"s love, God"s love overcomes.


Such sacrifices are witnessed transparent the Star wars saga. In the very first movie — or the 4th episode, relying on how you want to line up the chronology — Obi-Wan Kenobi sacrifices his life to allow the escape of his friends. The sacrifice that his terrestrial body enables him to connect spiritually, v the Force, come Luke Skywalker. Obi-Wan becomes an analogy the the holy Spirit, giving counsel, prompts and also courage.

There"s a an effective scene in The pressure Awakens (episode VII), in which Han Solo confronts his son, Ben (a.k.a. Kylo Ren). Han supplies himself come Ben, speak he would carry out anything to aid his son out that the dire situation he has actually fallen into — the being a tortured heart corrupted in darkness. Ben take away full advantage of his dad"s offer, momentarily alleviating some of his internal dispute by (literally) sticking it to his dad. This case is not yet completely resolved, though, as one gets a hunch the Han"s sacrifice will certainly somehow result in a form of redemption for Ben.

The newest Star wars film, Rogue One, is a story the sacrifice. The storyline follows a group of rebels who make one sacrifice after another for the services of flexibility for the galaxy. The monk, Chirrut Imwe, illustration the willingness to sacrifice together he steps right into the heat of fire throughout a climactic fight scene in bespeak to litter a strength switch that will allow the rebels to broadcast the secret plans because that the fatality Star. Chirrut to be willing to lay under his life for his friends.

And speaking of Rogue One

Very truly, i tell you, uneven a serial of wheat drops into the earth and dies, the remains just a single grain; yet if that dies, it bears much fruit.

This is the procedure we clock in Rogue One: the particle of old Jyn Erso falling away to sprout up together a brand-new Jyn Erso. Top top her development in the movie, Jyn is a bit self-centered. She is not interested in helping others, permit alone conserving the galaxy. She just wants to survive. When she was challenged with a concern on how she could accept the banner the the evil Galactic empire flying over the galaxy, her response was "it"s basic if you never ever look up."

But the Jyn passes away. The events of the movie lead she into coming to be a person who is no longer interested exclusively in self-preservation, quite she is interested in giving hope and freedom to she friends and also the galaxy beyond. She is no longer involved with surviving. She has actually been reborn together a person willing to die for others.

And since speaking of regeneration you space …

I tell girlfriend the truth, uneven you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom the God.

The Star wars saga is a library of rejuvenation stories. It speak of the rebirth of Darth Vader together Anakin. That portrays the rejuvenation of Luke Skywalker from a lost farmboy to a concentrated Jedi. Over there is the rebirth of Han Solo indigenous scoundrel come hero. Us witness the renewal of FN-2187 come Finn. We could go ~ above …

Perhaps the huge rebirth story — the one the drives and also feeds every the various other stories of regeneration within Star battles — is the rejuvenation of the galaxy. The story arc of the Star wars movies move the galaxy indigenous a broken, corrupt visibility (episodes I v III) to a time the darkness and also struggle (episodes IV v VI) to a positive rebirth into a an ext idealistic presence (the new trilogy).

Related links If the story arc sounds familiar, it can just be due to the fact that it is the rigid arc that the Christian Bible, which tells the story that the autumn of creation (Genesis), creation"s dark struggle (contained in lot of the Old Testament), and the start of its rejuvenation through Jesus Christ. Psychic this the following time you clear up in for a Star wars movie marathon.

Maybe this is every coincidence. Possibly it"s luck for human being like us to view our confidence story in Star Wars. But may you also remember the words of a wise man: "In my experience, there"s no such thing as luck."

May we proceed to discover ways in which divine messages intertwine in our day-to-day lives. May we proceed to imagine methods in which us envision the rejuvenation of creation. And, remember, may the pressure be through you, always … to the really end that the age.

This write-up is a collaborative effort of love native Ryan Dunn and Chris Fenoglio, who both spend their cost-free time geeking out to Chicago Cubs baseball, Star Wars and also Jesus-y points … and work for The united Methodist Church in the moment in between.

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