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Paul Pierce is walking to it is in a first-ballot hall of Famer. He had a stellar career and he overcame a lot of to become a beloved star in Boston and a champion.

Dwyane wade is going to it is in a first-ballot room of Famer too. He’s additionally had a stellar career and also he won 3 championships.

Last night, Pierce, currently retired for 2 seasons, to be asked during an ESPN transfer whether the or Wade had the better career.

Let’s begin with this: What was Pierce claimed to say in this situation? he’s being asked about Wade, a contemporary and competitor of his. He is being asked come compare self to a male who stand in his method for title and versus whom he matched up time and also time again. Those Boston Celtics groups hated the Miami Heat.

Pierce also undoubtedly feel overlooked in discussions favor these since he spent his prime years on a team in turmoil. He to be drafted by stack Pitino and had come play through the messiest year of the franchise’s history.

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There is no opportunity Pierce would ever give in and also say Wade to be better. Frankly, the numbers show the debate is closer 보다 some could think.

Pts: Pierce 26,397 (15 NBA history), walking 23,065 (30)Reb: Pierce 7,527 (81) wade 4,913 (?)Ast: Pierce 4,708 (73) wade 5,680 (42)TS%: Pierce .5679 (95) go .5542 (176)ORtg: Pierce 108.78 (235) walking 108.94 (235)DRtg: Pierce 102.72 (109) wade 104.45 (191)

— man Karalis