Who: Grammy-winning singer, dancer, choreographer, icon, and also nice American Idol judge Paula Abdul, 58, and two-time Emmy-nominated actor john Stamos, 57.

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How castle Met: The details room unclear, but they to be both young, hot, and also famous in 1990, which is an exclusive club the probably grants one access to special powers like "intuiting that there room young, hot, famous singles who recognize all the words come 'Straight Up' in mine area."

Why us Loved Them: A photo is precious 1,000 words, and also if it's that Paula Abdul and also John Stamos, more than likely several thousand dollars. Imagine just arriving at the Grammys and also looking like this. Evaluate by this Washington Post write-up from the time, this minute was other of an unveiling because that the couple.



In the decades because Abdul and also Stamos's split, the latter has been asked around the partnership in a handful of interviews, and on numerous occasions he's perpetuated a rumor the his ex composed the track "Cold Hearted" around him. This was of course a joke, but he claimed it enough times because that it come become cultural fact.In a 2015 appearance on Watch What wake up Live through Andy Cohen, Stamos had to clarify come the hold that the 1989 track was written prior to he'd also met Abdul.

During an interview top top The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2009, the hold asked Stamos if he'd dated the performer, pulling up photos of the pair for the studio audience come see. "It's therefore funny, since I sort of forgot," Stamos started to respond prior to he recorded himself and went on to prayer his ex. 



"She to be so adorable, and also she to be America's sweetheart," Stamos told DeGeneres. "I had just began Full house during the time and she to be the biggest star in the world. People were precise knocking me down to gain to her." just how rude! "She was good and we had the time of our lives."

The Breakup: follow to People, Abdul and Stamos's relationship finished just 7 month after it began. Despite the factor hasn't to be publicly disclosed, there was an additional leading male clamoring for Abdul's number — or, rather, using it to continuously tell her he to be a fan: Emilio Estevez. The Brat load member reportedly began calling the singer to "touch base" when she was still date Stamos. Castle wed 2 years later.

Despite Abdul and Stamos's split, the pair have actually remained friends. They rejoined at the Fox upfronts in 2015, even posing for a picture together, i m sorry Stamos cheekily captioned "Cold Hearted Snake and also America's sweetheart. With each other again and it feels so good." 

After dividing from Estevez in 1994, Abdul walk on to date (and marry) sportswear manufacturer Brad Beckerman. The couple split in 1998 after much less than two years the marriage. Abdul's present relationship status is unknown.

Stamos wed actress Rebecca Romjin in 1998 and they divorced in 2005. The Full House star married Caitlin McHugh in 2018 — lock welcomed boy Billy that exact same year.

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