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The NHL exit the schedule because that the Pittsburgh Penguins and the remainder of the NHL this morning for 2015-16. As currently announced, the Pens begin the year through a small road trip with the continuous season opener October 8 hours in Dallas to play the Stars. Then they jet end to Glendale (presumably!) to play the Coyotes before coming ago east to open up Consol for the winter versus Michel Therrien and the Montreal Canadiens top top Tuesday October 13th for a 5 game home-stand.

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Here\"s the full schedule, we\"ll have some details below:

The 5 game home-stand in ~ the beginning of the season is the longest home-stand the the season.The season end
Philly. Imagine if the season comes down to the line following year favor it did this one..In fact, 4 the the last 5 games are on the road, and also 4 of the last 5 gamings are divisional based. Have to make because that some amazing jockeying ~ above the standings.The Pens have their usual early November western Canada road trip with the usual 3 gamings in 4 work jaunt indigenous Vancouver to Edmonton come Calgary Nov 4 -7.Connor McDavid and also Sidney crossby will fulfill for the an initial time in the NHL ~ above Fri Nov 6 in EdmontonThere is a potentially vital 9 game streak native March 8 - 24 whereby the pens play nothing however divisional opponentsIn fact, 11 the end of Pittsburgh\"s 14 games in march are against Metropolitan division opponents.The pen don\"t check out a Metro adversary to start the season until they take trip to DC top top October 28The California expedition is Dec 1-6 this year to play those 3 teamsFrom Nov 17 - Dec 11 the Penguins beat 11 games, 10 of them coming against Western Conference teams17 to adjust of back-to-back games, which matches the full from 2014-15Also, although topic to change, there\"s 13 matinee afternoon gamings this season, which appears really highThe Penguins don\"t play the Flyers until Jan 21 and won\"t view the ranger at all till Feb 10. What gives? makes for an interesting finish, but kinda bizarre to not play the key rivals for the very first 4 months of the season in the case of NYR.

So that\"s your quick and initial look in ~ the NHL schedule. Looks prefer the organization is getting most the the out-of-conference play the end of the method in the very first half the the season, and then really concentrating on conference and also especially department matchups later on in the season, which have to make for some good and meaningful hockey.

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Now come the hard part: waiting exactly 15 weeks (105 days) until the an initial Penguins game. Luckily, with the draft, cost-free agency, trades, possibility camp, possibility rankings, season previews, maintain camp and also exhibition gamings we will have no shortage the items come cover and discuss in the summer months here on