Jeff the Grey in " that Earth" season 2 episodes. - photo Credit: JoBlo TV present Trailers / YouTube

agent Alex Foster vists the extraterrestrial Experiencer Expo to investigate the fatality of Ozzie.


Gina meets among her therapy heroes together the team attends the alien Experiencer Expo in “People the Earth” Season 2, episode 8. Elsewhere, Don the White access time the expo and also wreaks havoc. Warning: This write-up contains spoilers.

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Episode 8 recap

The episode starts off v Gerry functioning on a tiny spaceship v the glowing environment-friendly capsule the he got from the spaceship. That remembers how the floating cube ~ above the spaceship warned him that he mthedesigningfairy.comt no smell it, fall it, breath it or even look at it. Yvonne interrupts him and also tells him come sleep. But, he tells her that he is building a game.

The following day, the is prepared for the extraterrestrial convention and also Gina tells the passengers that she has encouraged Agent Alex Foster to endure the display with an open up mind. Foster looks reluctant as soon as she receive the “I Believe” badge from Gina.

Meanwhile, Jeff the Grey wonders if the is the critical grey lively in the universe as he stops working to send or receive any type of signal come his people. Don the White assures him that they are fine. Don need Jeffin order come log right into the archive. Gina is visiting the expo come share her story about Ozzie through Leonard Bechdal that is publication his latest novel based upon alien abduction. She marvels if he has read she story. Bechdal is a psychologist and experiencer who writes about abduction trauma.

The alien Expo!

At the expo, Agent Foster is clueless around things and also she concerns Richard at among the booths about why the sinking the Titanic was not an accident yet something concerned the aliens. Meanwhile, Yvonne think something is turn off with Gerry and she confronts him. She thinks that aliens go something poor to him, yet he thinks the they love him.

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Later, Bechdal speak to the audience around his book, “Toward the Light” which is all around alien abduction. During his speech, that mentions Gina. To her surprise, Bechdal reveals the he has actually read her story and also calls her “perceptive and also sensitive brand-new writer.” “Aliens have actually a excellent a the majority of things and also you have the right to be a victim or a wealthy victim,” Bechdal tells Gina together he supplies her $15,000 for offering her story to him i m sorry can become a book.

But in the direction of the end of the episode, Gina transforms down the offer and also publically humiliates the for giving a disgthedesigningfairy.comting deal. She speak him that she is no for sale and neither is Ozzie’s story. But, he endangers her come spoil she credibility together he is a known number in the alien expedition indthedesigningfairy.comtry. Clock the recent “People the Earth” Season 2 illustration on Amazon and iTunes.


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