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Persona 5 Myers-Briggs MBTI personalities PostWanted to share this write-up with PerC of food so right here it is, tell me what you males think under below.Here"s my take and also opinion ~ above the MBTI species of the key cast and also popular Persona 5 personalities right now that everyone"s played or play nowadays and also loving the game. And my opinion ~ above what there types really are and also what ns strongly disagree with from various other Persona 5 MBTI write-ups I"ve watched online and on the internet, along with things I carry out agree on that I"ve viewed people kind the characters as too, enjoy.Joker - INTP, ns can"t think the types I"ve watched people form this man through the years. ENTP, ENFP?? What?? ns respect peoples different opinions but seriously guys? Joker is introverted, calm, level headed and also too himself, he appears curious, loves brand-new ideas and also scatter-brained and analytical and also loves to inquiry things and also go versus the norm type of guy also though he"s silent most the time. INTP was the an initial typing that concerned mind when I witnessed him and I still stand by it, he"s logical and also unemotional and analytical and also calm and introverted and loves come brainstorm in his mind and also is curious around the world roughly him with his Ne. That likes come deduce the truth and also facts with his Ti and also mulls over accuracy and also questions every little thing he hears through Morgana and also likes to put his hand under his chin and also brainstorm the accuracy of whatever with his Ti and brainstorm v his Ne on all the possibilities and brand-new ideas on what"s walking on with something even if it is its severe or also fun or regular thing. Ti and Ne, INTP is the perfect keying for Joker. Just since he"s dubbed Joker go not median he"s ENTP men like the actually Joker is, its simply his name thats all. Joker is a INTP in this game of Persona 5.Ann Takamaki - ENFP, I"ve seen world confused on she for little bit now and she it s okay mistyped ESFJ a lot together usual since ENFPs and also ESFJs acquire mixed up a lot choose Starfire from teen Titans cartoon, another ENFP girl. Ann Takamaki is idealistic, airheaded, sensitive and really insecure as a NF and in a Fi user way, energetic, tomboyish and also laid back, spontaneous and also easygoing, happy-go-lucky, and fun, stays by she inner values with her Fi and cares around efficiency in ~ times through her Te, and also is curious and is constantly brainstorming in she mind top top what she need to do v her Ne and is indecisive and second guesses things occasionally a lot and focuses a lot on the past with her inferior Si together well. Ann shows on her own inner values all the moment with her aux Fi and also is a very empathetic human as a Fi user and uses she Fi to want to assist people and relate come them the ideal she can, correctly Fe customers aren"t the only human being who love to aid people and also others too, Fi users treatment ALOT around helping others as well even much more so 보다 Fe customers in some situations actually.She loves brand-new ideas and is really easygoing and also open minded v her dom Ne and also holds onto details with her Si however struggles through them all the moment too. The wiki describes her together airheaded and also dumb sometimes and misses things however intelligent with her tardy and strong intuition and also reading people"s personality well through her Ne and Fi. Read around it right here down below, Ann Takamaki is also scatterbrained, airheaded, an extremely future oriented through her Ne, struggles with details topics and some academics, too idealistic, and overly insecure in a NF means even if anyone deserve to be insecure that course, and also relies too lot on her intuition to read people"s personality in the story to it is in an ESFJ and also she desires to help people v her Fi rather and reflects on she Fi inside values and hardly offers Fe lot at all. She"s great at intuitively analysis others and situations conveniently with she Ne intuition and can sometimes focus on details v her worse Si even if she all at once struggles through it and is all at once bad in ~ details, school, and also airheaded as a Ne dom girl and also ENFP and is very scatterbrained with her head in the clouds most the time as we see in the game and also the wiki states down below. Ann Takamaki is not even close to gift an ESFJ in mine opinion but I deserve to see the confusion since I thought she would certainly be a Fe user at very first and rather uses a ton that Fi instead as a ENFP character and also person. I"ll do a post on her individually in the future.Read her Personality section below to see more why Ann Takamaki is ENFP and also it"ll all make sense:Ann TakamakiRyuji - ESFP, ns can"t wait come write about this one. Ryuji is energetic, speak his mind, loud, confident, doesn"t hold ago when he speaks or feeling something, focuses on details in the moment and reacts come them completely with full attention with his Se and also is really spontaneous, resides strongly through his inside values v his Aux Fi, come a very huge extent yet not so lot that his Fi is dom or anything, is an extremely impulsive and makes mistake a lot, cares around efficiency v his Te also if he"s not very organized and also so on. Ns love Ryuji prefer most people in general, he stays in the moment and also reacts strong to things and has a strong moral code as we witnessed in the Kamashida arc and also throughout the video game as well, his character really won me end in the game and he"s a fantastic character. He reminds me that Kuwabara indigenous Yu Yu Hakusho that is similar to him and also he"s ESFP and also there both street difficult kind of kids with with a strong moral heart and live by their emotions and also heart again. Ryuji"s an excellent and a good character, he battles with planning and also looking behind the scenes much more with his worse Ni and also has to occupational on it and also planning ahead and staying focused and also all that since he"s not really future oriented person at all.Morgana - ENTJ, bossy, confident, commanding, perceptive and also intuitive, he"s constantly caring around efficiency and giving orders come Joker yet is also very perceptive and also intuitive and also is always reading in between the lines all the time with his Ni. It"s Morgana, we know him and also love him also if he deserve to be a actual pain sometimes and controlling, haha. But in its entirety he"s very accepting and also reasonable too and also loves logic and also staying on task and also thinks around the future a lot and also what"s walk on behind the scenes.Makoto - ISTJ, Yep, one more confused a lot by civilization I"ve viewed nowadays with her. Makoto is a Si dom and here"s why. She"s exceptionally safe, secure, information oriented, organized and also focuses on the pastall through her dom Si together a ISTJ. She"s that kind of classy girl who desires everyone to monitor the rules and guidelines and also not deviate native them and also so on. She"s an extremely logical and also unemotional and also cares because that efficiency and staying on task with her aux Te. Of food she does have her emotional moments too and we view her tertiary Fi come out in different places in the story, she lives by her inner values a lot and also has a kind grip on them in the story also if she struggles with them periodically like Ann Takamaki as a ENFP for her that offers her greater Fi a bit much more and have the right to understand castle a bit better as a ENFP high Fi character. Makoto battles with brand-new possibilities, the new method of law things past traditions and also rules and hates hazard at all expenses as she"s always worried about all the feasible things that can go not correct in a scenario, worse Ne in a ISTJ comes out. She"s strict, calm, introverted, logical, under to earth and level headed and relies on she senses an ext and what"s happened prior to in the past and what functions to she in she mind and also tried and also true methods and rules and also structure. She"s an extremely mature and focused person and compares and contrasts things and also details all the moment with her Si, she"s again really calm person and also level headed and prefers to be to herself and also take life at her own paces following the rules and order and expects rather to carry out the exact same in life and also values security above all else not taking also risks, at the very least risk that seem prefer they might fail and also get lock in a many trouble and also be an extremely dangerous because that them, she"s a really precautious and safe person and also focuses on the past and also whats worked before on her defense of mental and constantly plays things safe in a Si means versus a Ni means if that makes any sense. ISTJ is the perfect keying for Makoto and I hope more people see that now.Yusuke - ISFP, Haha for this reason this guy confused me for years but I think the I obtained it now after seeing people form him this and also yeah it makes sense to me also if the a bit stereotypical with the totality ISFP artist label thing going on she haha. In ~ one suggest I believed Yusuke to be ISTJ too however nah ns think the doesn"t do as sense as Makoto and also ISFP fits much better for him. Yusuke is individualistic and also lives by his inner creative values come a solid degree in the game. He lives and enjoys the moments and also is all around details and also putting them together in painting or art, he"s a organic artist and is really calm, emotional, and level headed person. He can sometimes be fairly perceptive with his ter Ni and struggles with efficiency a little with his te inferior together a ISFP. He"s an exciting character and also a yes, really cool one lol, but yeah ISFP fits perfect for him and also the entirety artist stereotype she honestly here, for this reason yeah ns buy it, Yusuke is a ISFP because that sure. I"ll talk an ext about him later on like the various other characters.Futaba - INTP, i feel like this is one of the most noticeable INTP typings ever out there. Ns haven"t seen anyone mistype her ever before online and also its so apparent that i feel like there"s no allude in creating anything here haha yet I assumption: v I"ll simply do the anyway because that the posts sake. Futaba is logical and scientific and loves programming and games, she is introverted and to it s her a lot of in she room, she hates the outside civilization in general at first and has her totality arc with that and her family issues as we saw. She"s scatter-brained and airheaded through her Ne prefer Ann Takamaki together both Ne individuals again and she"s an extremely curious and constantly asking concerns and analyzing and brainstorming brand-new ideas through her Ne together a INTP girl and character in the game. She"s very logical through her dominant Ti and also questions the fact with her logic and also wonders accuracy with every little thing she does v her Ti and loves to figure out just how things work-related as a Ti dom user and INTP girl. She holds top top the past a lot through her ter Si and struggles with emotions with her lower inferior Fe and also is awkward like many INTPs and not the ideal at analysis people and a room and is just emotionally azer in basic in public and also struggles to gain around and also socialize if she can and just prefers no to perform it at all if possible. She progressively breaks out of her covering in the game and also becomes a slightly better people person and becomes pretty good at socializing in her own method actually with her Fe as soon as she overcomes she insecurities and problems and so ~ above in her arc. She"s cool and also logical girl and an extremely scientific and analytical and loves programming and videos gamings etc. She"s a tomboy and is really easygoing and also spontaneous person, she"s not an extremely strict at all and is open up minded to many new things and also many possibilities and also scatter-brained and also likes to have fun all v her aux Ti. She"s a good INTP girl character and also and very smart and also helps the team alot through her skills and yeah ns think ns hit home why she"s a terrific INTP character below in the video game of Persona 5.Haru - ISFJ/INFP, so because that this one ns don"t know just yet because I"m precise on her arc right currently in the game and also just getting to recognize her an ext now. However from what I"ve seen of her in the video game she appears to it is in ISFJ or INFP but I"m not as well sure just yet until I see more of she to decide which one she fits better. I understand for a reality she"s a introvert though as she"s really calm through her demeanor and also level headed and seems prefer the classic quiet sweet girl, she"s absolutely not ESFJ again civilization haha in my opinion. I feel like human being don"t recognize what ESFJ girls or characters actually act favor sometimes thus these confusions always happening. Some examples of actual ESFJ female characters in mine opinion are Sakura Haruno indigenous Naruto, Nami from One Piece, Katara native Avatar the last Airbender. Haru below is probably ISFJ if she"s one SFJ girl character at all together I"ll check out to confirm together I pat the game and also Ann Takamaki is certainly ENFP favor most civilization say and is not ESFJ at all prefer I explained like some civilization think above. I also kind girl characters like Usagi seafarer Moon and Ochaco Uraraka ENFP as well as another recommendation there. Yet anyways ago on topic ns don"t have actually much come say to justify Haru yet until I actually keep playing the video game a complete her arc she to justify and make certain on her. Yet yeah that"s what i think so far though.Kamashida - ESFJ, just as a rapid bonus below I"ll short article Kamashida briefly and also how he"s a Fe dom and also ESFJ. That reads individuals emotional state pretty fine in a Fe way versus Fi means and focuses on the group and also is very talkative, group oriented, even though we found out the was really a devastating person his early stage persona was the he was a an excellent role design and an extremely responsible persona and also sociable and friendly advantageous kind the guy, he has that standard ESFJ Fe photo going top top there and everyman laugh going on. Simply a male you would certainly go come for aid and he"d most likely fix all your problems and also give girlfriend advice around everything and be super connected etc and also so ~ above and constantly focuses top top the group and peoples emotional state and also so on. Obviously in ~ the surface he"s a very shtty guy and a destructive person and human being and really verified me exactly how awful that is this game and also how great the story telling on this video game to it is in which made me and also everyone else fall in love through it and an ext when us played the game. However yeah he"s Kamashida, his picture was he was very helpful and supportive, energetic, bossy, great role design image, safe and secure, organized and also a civilization thought he to be a great teacher initially but he wasn"t and so on, focuses and relies on the past and also tradition and also rules and tries to store the class and also students in check and also follow orders and also guidelines through his Si. Standard teacher stereotype here and also overly friendly with his dom Fe the you couldn"t aid but think the was suspiciously so they did a an excellent job v that and his foreshadowing over there of being a really awful human after all. For this reason yeah thats a quick short article on why Kamashida is a ESFJ rogue in the story and game, I"ll do more posts top top the other characters and villains too in the future as well so look out for that. Haha I simply realized, in my opinion this is what a ESFJ looks favor btw in terms of a ESFJ rogue anyway, not Ann Takamaki or anything who in which Ann is a ENFP actually and also so on prefer I said and argued through my points above. Again he"s a villain though so because that some an excellent hearted and kind ESFJ male personalities in anime I"ll point out here in comparison are ESFJs prefer Leorio native Hunter x Hunter and also Rock Lee is ESFJ indigenous Naruto as well. Those room actual ESFJ personalities in my opinion to aid compare the distinction ENFPs vs ESFJs because that people, hope the helped and also again its my opinion but thats my logic there and explaining a bit much more to aid people understand my mindset is all. Tell me what friend think of mine points down below again.This has been mine Persona 5 typings list so much a ns hope you delighted in it.

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Call me what friend think down below on what friend agree or disagree on and also why, I"m interested in what world say ~ above this and also what world think that course and also welcome different opinions also if us disagree. Thanks for reading and also all the support as always.