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This Rookie the the Year t-shirt reflects the activities that Henry Rowengartner offered to taunt a pitcher. The shirt contains the quote \"Pitcher\"s gained A large Butt!\".After a freak accident offered him tremendous pitching speed, Henry Rowengartner to be signed by the Chicago Cubs. In a game against the Angels, Henry was on very first base and taunted the the opposite pitcher by speak \"pitcher\"s got a big butt!\".Everyone will know you are a fan of the 1993 comedy as soon as you wear this Pitcher\"s gained a big Butt Rookie the the Year t-shirt!

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SizeWidth (A)Length (B)
Small 17.5\"(44cm) 27.5\"(70cm)
Medium 20.0\"(51cm) 29.0\"(74cm)
Large 21.5\"(55cm) 29.5\"(75cm)
XL 23.0\"(58cm) 30.0\"(76cm)
2XL 26.0\"(66cm) 30.0\"(76cm)
3XL 28.0\"(71cm) 33.0\"(84cm)
4XL 29.0\"(74cm) 32.0\"(81cm)
5XL 31.5\"(80cm) 34.5\"(88cm)

*Bust or chest is done by doubling the width measurement. *For complete circumference of the waistline, twin the waist measurement. *Due to the versatile nature of ours fabrics, allow one customs of variation from this measurements.

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