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"Please Mr. Please" is a track from 1975 by the British-Australian singer Olivia Newton-John. The track was written by Bruce Welch and John Rostill, both members the British pop singer Cliff Richard"s backing band, The Shadows. Welch had originally videotaped the track himself in 1974 through no advertising success. The song shows up on Newton-John"s album, have actually You never Been Mellow. Released as a single in 1975, "Please Mr. Please" reached the optimal 10 top top three significant Billboard charts in the united state that year. top top the pop chart, the track peaked at number three in august 1975, continuing to be in the height 40 for 12 weeks: Newton-John"s 5th consecutive top Ten hit, "Please Mr. Please" would also mark Newton-John"s critical appearance in the height ten for a three-year period. ~ above the nation chart, the song reached #5, while on the adult contemporary chart, the track spent three weeks in ~ number one. The single was a certified Gold record by the RIAA.more »

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In the edge of the bar over there stands a jukeboxWith the ideal of country music, old and newYou deserve to hear your 5 selections because that a quarterAnd someone else"s songs as soon as yours room throughI got great Kentucky whiskey ~ above the counterAnd mine friends about to help me ease the pain"Til part button-pushing cowboy plays that love songAnd here I am just absent you againPlease, Mr., please, don"t play B-17It was our song, it to be his song, however it"s overPlease, Mr., please, if you know what ns meanI don"t ever before wanna hear that song againIf I had a dime for every time I organized youThough you"re far away, you"ve been so close to meI can swear I"d be the wealthiest girl in NashvilleMaybe even in the state that TennesseeBut i guess I"d far better get myself together"Cause when you left, girlfriend didn"t leaving too lot behindJust a note that said "I"m sorry" by her pictureAnd a song that"s weighing hefty on my mindPlease, Mr., please, don"t pat B-17It to be our song, it to be his song, yet it"s overPlease, Mr., please, if you understand what ns meanI don"t ever wanna hear that track again

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Olivia Newton-John Olivia Newton-John, AO, OBE (born 26 September 1948) is one English-born Australian singer and also actress. She is a four-time Grammy compensation winner who has amassed five No. 1 and ten other Top Ten Billboard warm 100 singles and two No. 1 Billboard 200 solo albums. Eleven of her singles (including 2 platinum) and 14 of she albums (including 2 platinum and also four double platinum) have actually been certified gold by the RIAA. She music has been effective in multiple formats including pop, country and adult modern and has actually sold an approximated over 100 million albums worldwide.

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She co-starred through John Travolta in the film adaptation that the Broadway musical Grease, i beg your pardon featured one of the most successful movie soundtracks in Hollywood history. An ext »