2 : the expense at i m sorry something is derived … the price of flexibility is restraint …— J. Irwin müller

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(Mary) Le*on*tyne lē-​ˈän-​ˌtēn ; ˈlē-​ən-​ˌtēn , ˈlā-​ 1927– American soprano

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Noun You paid a high price because that the car. we bought the home at a an excellent price. The price the milk rose. What is the distinction in price in between the two cars? I know he claimed he wouldn"t execute it, however I think it"s simply a issue of recognize his price. Verb lock priced the residence too high. Workers quickly priced the brand-new merchandise.
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Recent examples on the Web: Noun Morningstar informs us the the median price/earnings proportion on Vanguard’s european index money is 15.6. — william Baldwin, Forbes, 27 Oct. 2021 West Virginia senator Joe Manchin has actually opposed the price of the package, a clean power performance program and a carbon tax. — Cara Korte, CBS News, 27 Oct. 2021 The mean purchase price for the video game on TickPick, according to the site, is $274, i m sorry is the third most expensive of the main behind the Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game ($277) and Chicago bear vs. Mountain Francisco 49ers video game ($324). — Jeremy Cluff, The Arizona Republic, 27 Oct. 2021 half of the purchase price, based upon the fair industry value of the property, will certainly be in cash, if the remainder will be in equity of the subsidiary MRN set up because that the project. — Eric Heisig, cleveland, 26 Oct. 2021 The half-price offer was currently introduced when HBO Max launched in 39 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean ~ above June 29. — john Hopewell, Variety, 26 Oct. 2021 The wide variety of colors, the metallic fabric, the reasonable price, and also the opportunity to snag Kate"s style? — Brittany Vanderbill, PEOPLE.com, 25 Oct. 2021 The price for lowest demand days — such together Tuesdays and Wednesdays in so late January — stays unchanged at $104. — Los Angeles Times, 25 Oct. 2021 ~ above average, your price-to-forward-earnings ratio is 28% below their 10-year average. — Jinjoo Lee, WSJ, 22 Oct. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Verb sticking to just price chart analysis, without also getting into what could be the an essential reasons, this is one extraordinary increase thrust. — john Navin, Forbes, 16 Oct. 2021 Under the report, the mortgage process, stock market disclosures, retirement plans, federal procurement and also government budgeting room all being reconsidered so the country might price in the risks being produced by climate change. — BostonGlobe.com, 15 Oct. 2021 An increased reliance on renewable energy, higher carbon prices, weather disruptions from hurricanes and storms, and also geopolitical wrangling through Russia room all lengthy term patterns that could add to price volatility in the years to come. — Katherine Dunn, Fortune, 16 Sep. 2021 Lawyers do not come cheap, though, including yet another cost come the process that can eventually price smaller acts the end of American tours. — Andy Greene, Rolling Stone, 5 Oct. 2021 However, for lenders the blow may be softened by government programs that might not efficiently price in climate risk. — Simon Moore, Forbes, 30 Aug. 2021 dollar Tree continues to be the only significant retailer that continues to price its entire inventory for $1. — Washington Post, 20 Aug. 2021 Currently, Goldman supplies conventional computer techniques to price derivatives, v a calculate taking everywhere from less than a second to a number of minutes, depending on the jae won instrument’s complexity. — Jeremy Kahn, Fortune, 22 Sep. 2021 No, instead, Amazon deserve to price the assets in its grocery stores in real-time, at every times, from a centralized location, and that means a entirety hell that a lot of bad news because that the grocery industry on the promotions front. — kris Walton, Forbes, 19 Sep. 2021

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13th century, in the definition defined at feeling 4


15th century, in the an interpretation defined at sense 1

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center English pris, indigenous Anglo-French, native Latin pretium price, money; most likely akin to Sanskrit prati- against, in return — much more at pros-