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The access time / The B-Sides

Album details

Released: 13 September 1993 (UK)

14 September 1993 (USA)

Length: 75:49; 74:41; 75:49
Label(s): Paisley Park documents / Warner Bros.

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Studio(s): Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, USA; document Plant, Sausalito, CA, USA; Sound Labs, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Alpha Studios, Burbank, CA, USA; Hollywood Sound Recorders, Los Angeles, CA, USA; The Warehouse,Eden Prairie, MN, USA; S.I.R., Los Angeles, CA, USA, Galpin Blvd house Studio, Chanhassen, MN, USA; Paisley Park, Chanhassen, MN, USA; and also Record plant Remote - Mobile van (from brand-new York, NY in) Minneapolis, MN USA; Olympic Studios, London, England

Charts, Certifications & Awards

Singles released

Pink Cashmere b/w Soft and also Wet
Peach b/w nothing Compares 2 U
Nothing compare 2 U (promo only) b/w nothing Compares 2 U
Controversy b/w The Future
Purple Rain (promo only) b/w None
Pope (promo only) b/w Pink Cashmere

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The access time / The B-Sides is a 3CD box-set compilation album by Prince. It was released all at once with The hits 1, The access time 2 (which comprised the very first two discs of the set) and The Hits arsenal home video in September 1993.

The set contains most of Prince’s most popular songs indigenous 13 studio albums, released originally in between 1978 and also 1993 (Batman gift the only album no represented). The 3rd CD, well-known as The B-Sides, contained 18 previously-released b-sides (in their edited form where there was one), as well as an unreleased variation of a fairly obscure song, 4 The Tears In your Eyes, and a previously-unreleased track, power Fantastic.

First steps

Warner Bros. Had initially considered releasing a larger 4-5 disc box set, however this was easily rejected together the retail price was taken into consideration to be prohibitive. Prince contributed six previously-unreleased songs to the whole set, and at one allude wanted to be an ext involved in the release, yet Warner Bros. Were already behind schedule on the set, and in the end paid Prince no to be involved.


Pink Cashmere was released as a single two weeks prior to the album’s release. Peach was released as a single two months after the album’s relax (three weeks after ~ the album’s release in the UK), and Nothing to compare 2 U was also obtainable as a promotional release in the USA ~ above the same day.

Some territories likewise received a re-release of conflict as a single the complying with month (with one entirely different tracklist and also appearance 보다 the 1981 release). Pope to be also obtainable as a promotional-release just in the UK (with no commercial release).

The album reached number 19 ~ above The Billboard 200, and number 6 top top the Billboard height R&B Albums Chart.

The album has sold well because its release, and also was certified platinum by the RIAA (1,000,000 duplicates shipped in the US) in so late 1993. That was likewise certified gold (100,000 copies sold in the UK) by the BPI in 2013.

monitor listing

The compact disc variation is the initial issue.

Disc 3: (The B-Sides)

The MC boxset was released at very same time as the CD.

Side One:Side Two:Side One:Side Two:Cassette Three: (The B-Sides)Side One:Side Two:

All songs created by Prince, except where noted.1  Music by Prince, text by Prince and C. Moon 2  created by Prince (credited come Prince and the brand-new Power Generation)3  created by Prince (credited to Prince and also the new Power Generation). Consists of sample that "Tramp" together performed by McCrackin and Fulsom4  written by Prince and also Dr. Fink5  written by Prince (credited to Prince and also the Revolution6  composed by Prince, Tony M. And Levi Seacer, Jr.

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