This coloring page of Princess Leia is a terrific activity for any kind of Star battles fan paying tribute to the late Carrie Fisher. #MayTheForceBeWithHer


It’s terrific for those who are wanting to discover to shade human faces as well.

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If you like coloring pages prefer this, also check out these hair and also face color pages.

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Princess Leia illustration to Color

Coloring have the right to be a an extremely relaxing activity for not simply children, however adults together well; the a good way to wind under at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.

Princess Leia color Pages by Natalie

Hi, ns am Natalie, the 16 year old artist behindDrawing v Natalie– an art present on Quirky Momma. Every episode includes an original coloring web page for you to download & print plus a indict on colour ideas, shading tips and more.

Who is Princess Leia?

Princess Leia played by Carrie Fisher was introduced in the initial Star battles film in 1977. Leia is the princess the a planet referred to as Alderaan and she is a member that the imperial Senate & agent of the Rebel Alliance. She is the daughter that Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker and also the sister of Luke Skywalker.

Download & Print complimentary Princess Leia coloring Pages

Make your people a much more courageous location by celebrating Princess Leia with these printable coloring pages. Clock the tutorial video below to see exactly how Natalie colored the coloring photos she created…

Download this Princess Leia colour Page!


Don’t be fear to use a range of art supplies to color Princess Leia. Sometimes, using multiple art gives such as a mix of paint, pencils, and also ink can create a really cool illustration.

I personally like to usePrismacolor fancy Pencilsfor illustrations like this (and a touch the paint!), so if friend would favor to clock me color and also shade Princess Leia, inspect out the video below.

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How to Draw, Shade and also Color Princess Leia – accuse Video

Whether you follow along and also draw Princess Leia through me, usage the coloring web page to shade and also color Princess Leia or do something all her own, ns hope that you discover some artsy fun and also relaxation. Remember the simply producing art routinely will enhance your skills.

I hope you enjoy!

How did her Princess Leia coloring web page turn out?

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