With only two episodes left this season, Wednesday’s Project Runway all Stars gift the remaining four designers with your greatest an obstacle yet — and also not everyone rose to the occasion.

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“Recently, what constitutes a family has been discussed in society; family members now come in every shapes and also sizes,” Alyssa Milano told the group before explaining this week’s “family” challenge: “You will certainly each be developing outfits for three members of a modern-day family. Your designs need to be cohesive, due to the fact that each the your family members will take it a portrait photo together, and that household portrait will certainly be revealed to everyone on the runway.”

EVAN BIDDELL | as someone that was elevated by a solitary mother, Evan feel he obtained “the household of mine dreams” in this an obstacle — a freshly separated woman and her two teenage children. She just left your father after 16 years, and also this portrait will certainly be the an initial one they’ve taken there is no him. (No pressure, right?) He determined to provide the mom a “boss lady” look, signifying how she took the power back in her relationship, while he provided each of her youngsters a unique look tied along with a solitary pattern. Not only did the kid look together cool as Evan hoped he would, yet the daughter was additionally such a natural, she can honestly below in for one of the Project Runway models at this point. Isaac thanked him for injecting “a little energy” into this week’s runway experience.

IRINA SHABAYEVA | This one started out promising, as Irina identified that she and also her family — a mom, she son and his godmother — were “clicking best away,” but that link unfortunately didn’t analyze to the runway. Isaac appeared genuinely upset about Irina’s usage of navy and blue, while anne Fulenwider called the entirety collection a “step back” because that the designer. Ouch.

MICHELLE LESNIAK | Michelle to be thrilled to end up through the “coolest Polish family members I’ve ever before met,” a grandmother through her granddaughter and grandson, the latter of whom is transgender. Her greatest goal in developing for this family members was making sure, every the grandson’s request, the his outfit not be also feminine, for this reason you can imagine his concern when she told him she was making a jumpsuit. Michelle figured she’d take it some warm when her clothes hit the runway (“The judges room going to freakin’ pond me top top it, since they’re no matchy-matchy”), and she to be right. Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi even agreed that the textile choice — while the did unify the grandchildren’s looks — was “almost depressing.” to Michelle’s credit, the 3 looks photographedmuchbetter 보다 they appeared on the runway.

DMITRY SHOLOKHOV | This one it s okay a big fatooffrom me. Dmitry’s family consisted of two moms and also their son, only one of whom hit the runway in a flattering ensemble. One mom wanted a much more feminine look, which resulted in a dress with a high “taste level,” according to Georgina, while the various other requested pants, i m sorry Isaac considered unflattering. Climate there was your son, who desire because that comfort somehow resulted in Dmitry do an ugly sweater and a simple overall look. Isaac seemed genuinely upset v Dmitry, telling him the the son’s outfit looks favor “nothing.”

After announcing Evan’s well-deserved win, the judges also informed Irina that she was safe, leaving Michelle and also Dmitry top top the chopping block. The judges weren’t crazy about either the the bottom two designers’ collections, but they likewise couldn’t decide that deserved to be sent home… so they didn’t.

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For the very first time inAll Starshistory, four developers — Evan, Irina, Michelle and Dmitry — will continue to the season finale. But who will certainly win it all?Vote because that the designer youwouldhave sent residence below, then drop a comment v your pick for this season’s winner.