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14. Different proteins are formed from different orders the amino acids. As there are arrays of amino acids, they fit in everywhere feasible in a polymer chain. This way, various prote…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: Proteins differ from one one more because A) the variety of nucleotides found in each protein different from molecule to molecule B) the succession of amino add to in the polypeptide chain differs from protein to protein. C) the peptide bonds linking amino mountain differ native protein to protein D) each protein contains its own distinctive sequence of sugar molecules The storage form of carbohydrates is __________ in animals and also _________ in plants. A) starch; glycogen B) cellulose; glycogen C) glycogen; starch D) glycogen; cellulose i beg your pardon of the following statements about enzymes is false? A) They room monomers offered to develop proteins. B) They rise the rate of chemical reactions. C) They role as chemistry catalysts. D) They manage virtually all chemical reactions in a cell. Exactly how are these two amino mountain attached together? A) carboxylic acid team to carboxylic add group B) amino team to amino group C) v a hydrolysis reaction D) ammo group to carboxylic acid group Fatty adds room A) written of four connected rings. B) written of carbon, hydrogen, glycerol, and also a phosphate team C) hydrophobic D) written of carbon, hydrogen, and also oxygen in a 1:2:1 ratio. Lysozyme is one enzyme that breaks down bacterial cabinet walls and is found in her tears. Mucus, and also saliva. A mutation occurs in the gene for lysozyme that outcomes in a Iysine (a positively fee amino acid) being substituted for an arginine (also a positively charged ammo acid). Execute you think that the mutant lysozyme will function similarly to the normal lysozyme? A) yes due to the fact that protein duty stays the same no issue what mutations take place B) yes, due to the fact that both lysine and also arginine are positively fee the for this reason the tertiary structure and therefore duty should be similar C) no, because all changes in protein primary sequence result in functional differences D) no, because transforming lysine come arginine will reason the protein come denature i beg your pardon of the following features of protein will remain undamaged if the protein is denatured? A) the function of the protein B) the binding nature of the protein C) the form of the protein D) the variety of amino mountain in the protein