“I stay a bikini even though I have stretch marks because there are so many women that would death for the opportunity to bring a boy in your body and also they don’t gain that honor,” the best-selling writer of "Girl, Wash your Face," says.

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Author Rachel Hollis visits develop Studio to comment on "Girl, protect against Apologizing" on march 12, 2019 in brand-new York City.Nicholas hunt / Getty pictures file
Rachel Hollis, best-selling writer of self-help book “Girl, Wash her Face” when posted a photograph on Instagram when vacationing in Cancun the sparked a national conversation about body image. An ext than 4 years later, the conversation is quiet continuing.


“I had actually had too much tequila, and also I was wearing this bathing suit that had a monogram, and I simply wanted to display women ~ above Instagram the monogram,” Hollis, 36, recounted to MSNBC’s Mariana Atencio. “I asked my husband if he would snap a picture. I witnessed the picture, and I checked out go zoom in and also crop out my stomach because I’ve carried three bodies in mine body, and so I have stretch marks all over my stomach.”

“I’m in a shower suit, ns go to zoom in and then i’m thinking, this is ridiculous. Girlfriend tell females to love themselves and look in ~ you around to edit out this photo because it’s not perfect. I left it as it was and also then I created a post,” said Hollis, who freshly released her brand-new book, “Girl, avoid Apologizing: A Shame-Free arrangement for Embracing and also Achieving your Goals.”

Hollis feels pride end shame when she sees she stretch marks. “I undertake a bikini even though I have actually stretch marks since there space so countless women that would death for the possibility to carry a son in your body and also they don’t obtain that honor,” she said. “And so I will rock these through pride, and if friend don’t favor it, it no matter, due to the fact that this is mine body, not yours.”

The short article went viral. “It to be the craziest point I’ve ever before experienced in social media,” Hollis said. Other women approximately the civilization posted pictures of your stretch marks.

“It really was the first time that I understood that women wanted to have actually conversations about real life, around our actual bodies, around what was yes, really going on,” Hollis added. “There’s an old saying, the most an effective words in the English language space ‘me too.’”

“When you hold your hand up, as soon as you tell someone that you’re walking through something or did you do it lived v something or I cut my toes, and I have ago fat, and I have actually struggled in my marriage, it provides other women permission to execute the same,” she explained.

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“That photo was yes, really the indication that females wanted to have a conversation,” Hollis said.