The rapper attacks his ex Kim in the song released after ~ Kanye was hospitalised for psychiatric evaluation

RAY J has waded right into Kanye West's drama with a track slamming the rapper's mam Kim Kardashian.

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The rapper - whose sex tape v Kim propelled her and the remainder of her family to truth superstardom - still appears a small bitter, and is letting it all out in a new song after ~ Kanye was hospitalised because that psychiatric evaluation.


ray J's brand-new diss track dropped together news that Kanye's hospitalisation brokeCredit: Getty pictures - WireImage

"She f*** me for fame, look at in she eyes, she was the very first one to authorize on the line," that raps in the last verse of the song which is a thedesigningfairy.comllaboration through Chris Brown in response to Kanye's fight bizarre video for single Famous.

"She was the genuine one to arrangement it every out. Look at the family, they walk about proud, all since she had my d*** in she mouth."

The rapper, who is singer Brandy's brother, also mentions Famous, saying: "Wanna have me in bed while friend f***ing your spouse, shows that friend still a rat and your male Mickey Mouse."

Delivering an additional blow, he mocks Kim's Paris rob ordeal with the line: "Gotta continue to be strapped as soon as you walk roughly now."

ray J date Kim for three and also a half years before the pair made their notorious sex tapeCredit: Getty images - FilmMagic

Ray J previously thedesigningfairy.comnfirmed he would certainly be responding to Kanye's song, telling Billboard: "You can't error me and also Chris because that responding to every the things that have been done around us end the last couple of months."

It thedesigningfairy.commes after Kanye to be hospitalised because that psychiatric evaluation.


Kim has actually reportedly flown come LA to be through Kanye after ~ he was admitted to hospitalCredit: Getty Images

Kanye's hospitalisation came after he cancelled the continuing to be 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour and also launched a verbal attack on Jay Z and Beyoncé while on stage in Sacramento.

Police responded to a call about a “disturbance” approximately 1:20pm Pacific Time (9.20pm GMT) in ~ the home of his trainer Harley Pasternak.



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Dramatic 911 speak to revealed together Kanye West's doc says he has actually 'temporary psychosis'

'I to be thedesigningfairy.comNCERNED'

Kanye West's best pal man Legend reveals that was with Kim Kardashian moments before rapper had 'psychotic break'

Breaking allude

Kanye’s meltdowns that brought about hospital visit… and also the 2002 near-fatal auto crash the may have sparked the birth of 'Yeezus'
When they come the event was then considered to it is in a “medical emergency”.

NBC reports the Kanye was then taken to UCLA Medical center in the city “for his own health and safety”.

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Kim has because cancelled plan to attend a charity occasion in brand-new York and reportedly jetted to Los Angeles to be by her husband's side.

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'To Charlie!'

roll Stones pay tribute to Charlie watts at very first thedesigningfairy.comncert since his death

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