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In many ways, I desire to live in a human being where this week’s RHOA illustration was simply an hourlong looping .gif the Marlo’s RHOA-Hall-of-Fame moment from last week: wherein she dutifully rearranged the topknot of a finest friend whom she had actually recently reconnected v after obtaining in a 30-minute debate at the mall. No commercials, no handsy vineyard owners, no Sheree-organized city tours, certainly no belted sweatshirts — simply Marlo swiftly and efficiently arranging NeNe’s weave together NeNe shouts, “THE DOOR IS CLOSED,” undeterred, every topped off through an lover bun-pat the self-approval.

Of course, that’s not what us got. What we acquired were, indeed, married vineyard owners on uppers, Marlo deep-throating a bunch of grapes, Sheree speak “Fisherman’s Wharf” a lot of — something the apparently makes me highly uncomfortable — and also a bunch of ladies on a pilgrimage together who room all just a li’l little bit furious v each other. Yet the other, lot rarer next of this week’s RHOA coin (it’s platinum-plated v rhinestones that say SWAG BOUTIQUE, top top a chain just long enough to nestle it into your cleavage) was something so scarce ~ above RHOA the might too be a crthedesigningfairy.comneck pullover from the Gap. What we got were a glimpses the reality.

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Now, listen, I’ve never been a large Cynthia fan because it’s tough to be a huge Cynthia fan on account of Cynthia is exorbitant to look at and also also an extremely boring. But Cynthia additionally happens to it is in the only person on this display that I have the right to comprehend together a real human being, as opposed come a pair of toddlers stacked on each other’s shoulders do the efforts to run the skin the a gorgeous traction queen via a collection of levers and a foghorn. Cynthia has actually a normal, self-aware kid, she pole up her friends, and, according to Sunday’s episode, when she’s taken end by emotion, she automatically exits the room to cry fairly than, oh, i don’t know, erupting into an anger-rage blackout whereby she rips she caftan off like a resort-wear Hulk Hogan and calls an additional woman a bag that