Cristiano Ronaldo and Co. Were confronted with unfamiliar surroundings in actual Madrid"s Champions organization clash against Legia Warsaw.

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The reigning polish champion had been ordered by UEFA to play its home match against the Spanish gigantic behind close up door doors.

crowd disturbances, fireworks, cram objects, inadequate organization and blocking stairways in the 6-0 loss home versus Borussia Dortmund caused a stadion ban and an €80,000 ($88,820) fine. A additional charge of racialism behaviour was dropped.

The match started as expected and also Real Madrid take it the command after simply 57 seconds -- the fastest ever before Champions league goal -- thanks to a stunning Gareth Bale volley.

Coach Zinedine Zidane watched on together Karim Benzema double Real"s lead, finishing of a flow team move.

However, despite the absence of pan to cheer castle on, Legia started its comeback as Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe fired a beautiful strike right into the height corner.
far from providing a wake-up speak to to Real, Legia ongoing to overcome in the second fifty percent and to be rewarded because that its endeavors as Miroslav Radovic"s shooting skidded under the hands of Keylor Navas.
There were still some genuine fans within the Polish army Stadium, albeit really few, as the away side and the Spanish FA were permitted to register as much as 200 human being as visitors.
then the unthinkable happened. From 2-0, Legia perfect the comeback and also found us in front for the an initial time many thanks to Thibault Moulin"s fabulous curling strike.
Legia Warsaw 3-3 genuine Madrid

Ronaldo and also Co. Pat in an north stadium

Legia offered stadium half after crowd trouble

much more accustomed to playing in front of 80,000 adoring fans at the Bernabeu or enemy crowds in Europe’s greatest stadiums, Wednesday’s clash against Legia Warsaw will have actually come as a bit of a shock to actual Madrid’s Galacticos.

The polishing champion to be ordered by UEFA come play its residence match versus the Spanish giant behind closed doors, after crowd trouble marred the opened day 6-0 defeat versus Borussia Dortmund.

group disturbances, fireworks, throw objects, poor organization and blocking stairways compelled Europe’s governing human body to implement a complete stadium ban for house fans and also an €80,000 ($88,820) fine.

A further charge of racist behaviour was dropped.

And breathe... The results are in ⬇️#UCL

— UEFA Champions organization (
ChampionsLeague) November 2, 2016

There to be still a variety of Real fans current in the Polish army Stadium, albeit an extremely few, together the away side and also the Spanish FA were allowed to register as much as 200 human being as visitors.

“There is no advantage,” coach Zinedine Zidane stated Tuesday of play in prior an north stadium. “I constantly prefer to play in former of supporters even away from home, due to the fact that that’s what football is all about.”

and also over the course of the 90 minutes, it certainly seemed together though his players failed to adapt to this unexplained setting.

However, few still expected anything various other than a actual victory and the visitor took the command after just 57 secs – that fastest ever before Champions organization goal – thanks to Gareth Bale’s stunning volley.

not a bad means to memory a brand-new contract.

Things continued to follow script as Karim Benzema double Real’s lead, stylishly finishing of a wonderful, flowing team move.

Kovačić to the rescue for actual Madrid...#UCL

— UEFA Champions league (

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ChampionsLeague) November 2, 2016

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However, in spite of the absence of residence support indigenous the crowd, Legia began its fightback, as Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe curled a exorbitant strike into the top corner to leave genuine 10 games without a clean sheet.

Legia’s kind both domestically and also in Europe this season has been fair from inspiring.

The reigning polishing champion had actually lost all 3 of that Champions league games, if languishing in sixth in the Polish first division, 10 clues off optimal spot.

Nothing said Odjidja-Ofoe’s strike was anything more than a speed in the pan however less than 15 minutes right into the second half, Legia discovered an equalizer.

A long-range toe poke indigenous Miroslav Radovic skidded under the hand of Keylor Navas come send those top top the polish bench right into raptures.

then the unthinkable happened.

through Zidane opting because that a 4-2-4 development in an attempt to shoehorn his attacking quartet the Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema and Alvaro Morata right into the side, Real’s defense to be left exposed time and again.

90' FULLTIME! Legia to be so close come a win, however they'll absolutely be happy with a draw. 3-3! #UCL #LEGRM

— Legia Warsaw (
LegiaWarsawEN) November 2, 2016

Indeed, that was one more counter-attack which confirmed to be its undoing, as Thibault Moulin cut a shot off the inside of Navas’ article to provide the Poles an inconceivable lead.

With just seven minutes to hold on, Legia can start to dream the recording one of the most renowned wins in the club’s history.

yet just 2 minutes later, Mateo Kovacic carried them crashing back down to earth as the Croat threaded a shoot through number of Legia bodies and also into the bottom corner.

Ronaldo cut a subdued and frustrated number all evening and was can not to inspire a genuine comeback, leaving the Portuguese top top 98 Champions league goals.

Legia will certainly leave delighted v a very first point the the campaign – back what can have to be – yet what a pity over there weren’t any fans to witness a standard European tie.

In group F’s other fixture, Borussia Dortmund take it full advantage of Real’s slip-up v a hard-fought 1-0 victory at house to Sporting.

success ensures the Germans space the only side to qualify for the last 16 Wednesday, going two points clear of Real and also seven clean of Sporting with simply two games left come play.