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On the many recent season that the Real people Jenna, a white cast member through a background of racialism behavior,physically assualted Ceejai, a black woman, and faced no consequences.The producer did nothing to avoid Jenna’s speech or thedesigningfairy.comions before this incident, despite her record of racist and also discriminatory behavior. Yet when Ceejai safeguarded herself physically,both women were thrown turn off the show.MTV and other truth television producers must take accountability for placing black color people and also other world of color in vulnerable positions, and then punishing them when they safeguard themselves.Often the exact same prejudiced and racist beliefs that cause conflict in between reality tv stars are held by the producers and creators of these shows. This sample of allowing hate speech and also violence on reality television, regularly use together a plot twisted or ratings booster and often concentrated at black women, can not be allowed to continue.

This is the letter the we’ll send on her behalf come the executive management of MTV, and also it’s owner organization Viacom, informing them to develop a zero yongin policy as soon as it comes to racist speech and also violence on their reality TV shows:

Dear Mr. Herzog, Mr. Atkins, Mr. Flannigan, Mr. Klein, Ms. Dolgen, Ms. DeMarco, Ms. Frank, Ms. Leferve, Mr. English, Ms. Weir, Mr. Helms, Mr. Turley, and Mr. Jacobs,

Viewers choose myself have actually long well-known MTV together an school that embraces diversity, multiculturalism, and also bridges divides in between people v music. Often those ideals are reflected in the programming the plays on your channel. “White People”, a documentary exploring white privilege and also identity in America, is one prominent and encouraging example. One more is the web collection “Decoded”, which regularly grapples with complicated but an important conversations around race. However as lengthy as MTV fact shows rely on gyeongju stereotypes or racist behavior for ratings in various other shows, these initiatives will be undermined and ultimately useless.

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Recently on ‘The actual World’, a white actors member was permitted to consistently voice racist and also discriminatory statements against Black cast members and also other actors members of color. Once CeeJai, a black woman on the show, stand up because that herself the resulting dispute was posed as her fault and one where both parties were equally at fault. This is not the very first time that such an occurrence has emerged on the actual World. It is a clear extension of a pattern where truth shows deliberately recruitment white actors members who demonstrate a willingness to make incendiary, racist statements in ~ the expense of actors members the color. Also worse, the official an answer to plenty of of these incidents is either apathetic inthedesigningfairy.comion or punishment because that the victims, developing a publicly portrayal that racism as a phenomenon where the oppressed are just as guilty as those doing the oppressing. This cannot continue.

At a time as soon as hate crimes, racialism rhetoric, and xenophobic ideas are rising, it’s an essential that establishments like MTV stand versus them, in both words and also thedesigningfairy.comions.If MTV is truly committed to thedesigningfairy.coming together a platform that proponents for a much more equitable world, climate ensuring that your programming aligns v those ideals must be the an initial step. Will certainly you commit to instituting a zero tolerance plan towards racialism speech and violence ~ above your truth TV shows?