Red hot Chili Peppers Co. Had the following task in its most recent year the operations.

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(a) acquisition of equipment.

(b) Redemption of binding payable.

(c) sale of building.

(d) Depreciation.

(e) Exchange of devices for furniture.

(f) Issuance of resources stock.

(g) Amortization the intangible assets.

(h) purchase of treasury stock.

(i) Issuance of bonds because that land.

(j) Payment of dividends.

(k) rise in interest receivable on notes receivable.

(l) Pension price exceeds quantity funded.


Classify the items as

(1) Operating—add to net income;

(2) Operating—deduct from network income;

(3) Investing;

(4) Financing; or

(5) far-ranging non-cash investing and financing activities.

Use the indirect method.

Intangible legacy An intangible heritage is a source controlled through an reality without physics substance. Unlike other assets, an intangible asset has actually no physics existence and you cannot touch it.Types that Intangible Assets and ExamplesSome examples are patented...

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