Both the brand-new York Giants and the Washington Redskins came out of last week with exhilarating wins, however for one of them, the exhilaration won"t last past Sunday.

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Both of these teams need a win. The Giants have played 2 divisional games and also haven"t yet controlled to gain an all-important first victory. The Redskins" divisional schedule is backloaded towards the finish of 2012, yet for them, it would be an excellent to have the ability to get off on the right foot.

Last week, new York somewhat shockingly hosted the mighty san Francisco 49ers come a mere 3 points and also powered its way to a win over the dwindling NFC favorite. The up-and-down Redskins, meanwhile, likewise pulled off a shocking win of their own, outgunning the upstart Vikings because that a 38-26 win.

Which one of these NFC eastern contenders will save it rolling?

Where: MetLife Stadium, eastern Rutherford, N.J.

When: Sunday, Oct. 21 at 1 p.m. ET


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Betting heat (via OddsShark): Giants -7

What"s at Stake?

It"s hard to to speak the Redskins would gain a an extensive lead in the NFC eastern if they win on Sunday, considering castle haven"t yet played a solitary divisional matchup, yet a success on Sunday would absolutely help.

The longer this season stretches, the an ext evident the becomes the this division is broad open. It"s fair game for both the Giants and the Redskins, yet neither the them has actually played with sufficient consistency to develop itself as the favorite.

For the Giants, a victory on Sunday is rather imperative. They"re 0-2 in the NFC eastern thus much in 2012, and with two straight division games coming up (they confront Dallas again in week 8), gaining that very first win currently would take several of the push off together they continue their campaign to get earlier to the at sight Bowl.

Redskins Injury Report (via

WR Pierre Garcon (foot) missed last week"s gameDB Cedric Griffin (hamstring) missed critical week"s gameDB Brandon Meriweather (knee) missed critical week"s game DL Doug Worthington (calf) missed last week"s gameDB Tanard Jackson (suspension) is expected to miss the whole 2012 season

Giants Injury Report (via

DL Rocky boy name (quadriceps) missed critical week"s gameRB Ahmad Bradshaw (side) left last week"s gameRB Andre Brown (concussion) missed critical week"s gameDB Kenny Phillips (knee) missed last week"s gameDB will Hill (suspension) isn"t eligible come return until Week 10

Fantasy prospect to Watch: Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw

It"s to be an up-and-down season because that Ahmad Bradshaw. Despite the fact that he at this time leads the Giants v 92 rushing attempts because that 449 yards and also three touchdowns, he"s been out of commission at times because of injury.

But critical week versus the 49ers, Bradshaw decisively confirmed that if he deserve to stay healthy, he"s very capable of being an influence player ~ above this offense.

According come the New York day-to-day News" Ralph Vacchiano, Bradshaw became the an initial running ago this season come rush because that over 100 yards versus the mighty mountain Francisco defense. Bradshaw finished v 116 yards and a touchdown just a main after posting 200 yards and also a score against the Browns.

It"s safe to speak his fantasy owners room no much longer worried around him, also after an injury-riddled and unproductive an initial three weeks. Going up versus the Redskins" eighth-ranked sirloin defense, however, might present a whole new host of difficulties for brand-new York.

Especially considering the Redskins" pass defense ranking 32nd in the league, producing a huge opportunity for Eli Manning and the Giants" broad receivers, this may not be another week in which Bradshaw short articles 100-plus yards.

Or probably he"ll save surprising us. 

What They"re Saying

It took a little while, yet the Redskins finally show up to be comes together.

Of course, the inconsistencies might continue, just the method they have all season as much as this point, yet Sunday"s game was encouraging—especially from the view of the attack line, follow to The Washington Post"s Mike Jones.

Jones writes that Washington"s offensive line is top top the rise, finally, due to the fact that of "health and also maturity." watch last week"s crate score because that evidence: One week eliminated from a mild concussion, Robert Griffin III was just sacked once and had one of his much better games that the season, throwing for 182 yards and a touchdown while rushing for 138 yards and also two an ext scores.

After the game, head coach Mike Shanahan said Jones:

There room a number of people that were worried around our offensive line. Ns was hoping the we would stay reasonably healthy and I to be hoping few of our young males that we have—if we didn’t continue to be healthy—could mature very quickly. We have stayed reasonably healthy, which is constantly a huge advantage.

The Giants, meanwhile, haven"t been fairly as inconsistent together the Redskins. In fact, your losses have actually come, favor clockwork, against divisional rivals. Dallas in mainly 1. Philadelphia in week 4.

So even though Sunday"s big win over the 49ers to be exciting, the wasn"t as necessary as beating the Redskins and also the Cowboys will be over the next couple of weeks.

As"s Ohm Youngmisuk points out, dropping this matchup to the Redskins will certainly have huge implications for the Giants, as they"ll fall to 0-3 in the division with just three more opportunities to make up those games. 

Youngmisuk writes:

If the Giants really desire to solidify themselves as contenders to protect their title, they need to ride the tidal tide of momentum they now have into these next two pivotal department showdowns through Washington and Dallas.

Redskins" vital Player

Washington won without the in mainly 6, yet Pierre Garcon would definitely take few of the pressure off Robert Griffin III and also this offense. If he to be healthy, you have actually to number he"d it is in RGIII"s major weapon, however we haven"t to be able come tell yet.

Garcon has missed three of the last five games, and even in the 2 he gained into, the registered just four receptions combined.

According come, Shanahan claimed that Garcon isn"t "anywhere near complete speed," but the coach is hope the wideout deserve to return "sooner rather than later" to help this team string with each other some wins. Sunday would be a perfect time to do so: The Redskins need him in order to have the ability to compete through the passing strike the Giants are bringing to the table.

There"s tho no indigenous on even if it is Garcon will be an excellent to go on Sunday, but if that can, the Redskins are currently that much much better off. 

Giants" vital Player

Hakeem Nicks ultimately returned to the field last week against the 49ers because that the first time since injuring his foot ~ above Sept. 16, yet he wasn"t quite as effective as some supposed him come be, no one did he appear to be totally recovered.

He managed to make three grabs for 44 yards ~ above a day as soon as the Giants certainly weren"t lacking for offense, however hopefully, over the food of this week"s practices, he it s okay a bit much more up to speed. The Giants have actually a vast opportunity in main 7 to take benefit of Washington"s weak pass defense and Nicks could really assist them capitalize.

Nicks just got 5 targets critical week, but Eli Manning demands him against Washington.


The Giants boast the league"s fifth-best passing offense and the Redskins boast one of the NFL"s worst passing defenses. That isn"t a recipe because that success because that the Redskins, who danger the misfortune of acquiring put right into a edge early and having come claw their way back v their happen game—presenting lot of of opportunities for Washington"s O-line to loss apart and also for RGIII to make mistakes.

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A sense of urgency will lastly kick in for the Giants. They recognize they can"t afford to drop this one.