Regal Cinemas has reopened that is Inverness location but the location inside the crystal River Mall continues to be closed.

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The Regal Cinema in Inverness reopened Aug. 28, 2020, yet its equivalent on the west side — inside the crystal River Mall — continues to be closed.

The Tennessee-based chain did not return call calls or emails for information. The decision River cinema was an alleged to open Sept. 3. 2020.

Millie Bresnahan, manager that the decision River Mall, stated she is anxious because that the theatre to reopen due to the fact that it drives company to the entire mall.

Regal officials authorized the reopening the its cinemas nationwide v a organize of safety recommendations. Patrons and staff have to wear masks, food concessions are restricted and over there is seat spacing in the auditoriums.

For example, in crystal River, only 5 of the ripe auditoriums were reserved to reopen, according to Bresnahan. Also, the theatre was supposed to call earlier laid-off staff, she said.

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