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----------------------------------------They should of provided that blonde knife girl an ext screen time. She had actually a slightly cool vibe. This show's comedy is for this reason dry that it's solid funny in ~ times. The finale didn't work quite fine either. The add to side around the series is the I carry out kinda choose Oubu as a character. Possibly it's because she has actually an funny personality. Otherwise, thought the display was pretty dull. Oh and also it appears that the collection is getting a season 2.

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The finishing is a little disappointing.It's an open ending but a second season seems questionable for the time being.Makes me wonder just how long it will take.

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i can't remember where on the WN walk the anime stop, MTL is kinda hardbut a season 2 is always welcomed, could backtrack top top the WN7/10 for the season
I watched the last three episodes through Chinese dub. I deserve to understand around 80% that the story, just that i can't know all the technical terms, and also their jokes.It's pretty great in mine opinion. I enjoy their jokes, and also their training. 8/10. Will certainly watch S2. Ouriku will go back to his town following season. Therefore we will finally be able to find out Ouriku's past.That blush near the end though...
The very first episode to be a little weird and also can be baffling, then Reikenzen becomes really enjoyable. Oriku is funny and also all the story around the successor is interesting. It was a good anime, I'm spring forward because that the 2nd part.
finally.gave 7/10. Art and also animation exceptionally became negative in the critical episodes, the story progress likewise became fast. I just liked the personality in this anime so ns watching till end. Perhaps they should give Kaiunho an ext time in last episode. Love him and also curious exactly how he grow on different clan.
Finally! i finished Reikenzen after a long delay. Ns hope someone choose this increase to sub Season 2.Holy crap! they turned the donkey guy into a burger. LOLThat trash referred to as Ouchou is back. Um...WTF? Why the hell is Ouchu and also the other dude blushing? that looks really suspect.Rei returns! :) hope for much more Ouriku x Rei scenes following season.Would be an 8, but Rei bumped it up to 9/10.

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This to be boring. It started out slow and also got exciting along the means but towards the finish it was disappointing. The plot is nice yet too plenty of things room going on that weren't explained properly. I liked the feeling in the beginning but castle overused it to the allude where it became so redundant and also bland. This is a significant flaw follow to me that i hope they settle in S2.As for the characters, ns think Oriku is nice cool so was Kaiunho. I uncovered Obu's personality come be rather annoying and also obnoxious because that a key character. I don't recognize if she has a bigger function in the Chinese manga yet most of the time she felt prefer a lame next character. Even the conversations in between Oriku and also Obu were so meaningless other than when castle talk around cultivations i beg your pardon was just boring. I don't even know why the creators are implying miscellaneous romantic between them in the OP and ED when they hardly communicate with each other.Hopefully S2 deserve to turn this around. 6/10