“i would certainly have given this place 5 stars, but i'll describe later... Us came this day after a friend of ours bailed on us for his very own birthday. Hahah! mine husband and also i determined that we…” more

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“Since every various other restaurant roughly seemed to it is in packed, my boyfriend and I made decision to go out on a limb and also give this ar a chance. Man, we were no disappointed. Also though they…” more

“ a to go box tied up in the bag keep in mind we are barley halfway through our meal. I believed it” more

“ top top me so ns so no difficulty with staffing. Mine food and also drink were favor $20. I'd absolutely go ago to clock a boxing match or game.” more

“ for ns guess the GM come come see around me and then I had to go to the car to carry my food in come show” more

“ was slamming lock on the table and also talking come us really slick. Please get her in check, I totally get you deserve to have one attitude, however don't show it.” more

“If I could give 0 stars i would. For starters I verified up through a team of friends prepared to drink” more

“ and engaged. Lot of of TVs getting here on everything from Wimbledon to corn hole. A an excellent place because that a drink and bar food when in downtown Dallas” more

“ out of a frozen box. The cheeseburger was decent yet would have actually been good if that wasn't cold along” more

“ through the midriff showing and also high heals and I'm going come scream yet I guess: v that's not the restaurant's fault :)-” more

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“ and also restaurant inside. I really great they offered us a deal to go to the present if us ate there yet it to be $10 to rock! no bad, good food and huge drink…” more

“Situated conveniently in Dallas' West End, this may an extremely well be the best Hooters ~ above the world -- perhaps even larger 보다 the one within the las Vegas Hotel and also Casino. I…” more