There’s constantly a new mascara the end on the sector (or so it seems!), and also for me, the many recent one I’ve tried the end is the brand-new Revlon for this reason Fierce!  mascara.

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Revlon so Fierce! Mascara

It wasn’t it spins I started using this mascara that i realized that i honestly can’t mental a time once I supplied a Revlon mascara with any kind of kind of consistency. I feel like once I think of drugstore mascara i think that Maybelline or Covergirl. Come me, Revlon has always represented the an extremely best the lipstick and also foundation… therefore I’m illustration a total blank on mascaras I’ve make the efforts by them. (In editing this write-up I’ve realized my storage is gash. I *have* the evaluation at the very least one Revlon mascara in the past: the Mega Multiplier.)

Revlon for this reason Fierce! Mascara in Blackened Brown

Anyway, moving on come the So Fierce! mascara. Ns was at first excited because that this mascara due to the fact that I love smaller sized conical wands. I discover they’re the most basic to usage for mine eye shape and make it super simple to obtain into the inside corners of my eye without gaining mascara everywhere my eyeshadow (I guess I’m super messy through mascara application). The So Fierce! mascara is what i would speak to a medium-sized conical wand, and has a plastic bristle brush that has 252 multi-layered bristles .

The packaging for the So Fierce! mascara shows that it has actually a glossy formula (??? I do not agree) through parraffin and rice bran waxes to quickly build up your lashes. The formula promises to it is in clump free, smudgeproof and flake free.

Revlon for this reason Fierce! Mascara in Blackened Brown ~ above lashes

The formula itself is more on the dry side of things (not my favourite – I perform prefer a quite wet mascara), and it imparts an remarkable amount the volume. I’m more of a one cloak mascara human being myself, and found that I gained incredible volume with simply one coat v this mascara. When you start going into two coats her lashes begin to look somewhat fake (not a bad thing!) yet you will an alert that it does have a propensity to clump several of your lashes together. Of course, this create gargantuan volume, but it’s definitely not for someone who is trying to find a most separation.

Final Thoughts

For a dried mascara, i was so surprised and impressed v this one! The Revlon therefore Fierce! mascara gave me a heck of a most volume with only one coat, something i feel prefer I only usually experience through wet formulas. So Fierce! does has a tendency to clump (unlike their claim that it’s clump-free), and also while you could comb that out with a lash brush, I find that that clumps really assist to amp up the volume without looking too spidery.

I found that the wear-time was excellent, nor did it flake ~ above me. Ns did have actually a small bit of smudging as soon as I wore the mascara on my reduced lashes, but it was only roughly the seventh hour of my day. Top top a day-to-day basis i don’t often tend to stay mascara top top my lower lash line, and also I found I had no smudging when I wore this mascara simply on my upper lashes. (Most mascaras, even when I just wear castle on my upper lashes, have a propensity to transfer and leave smudges on the hollows under my eyes – I have actually no idea exactly how this happens, but it does – and also thankfully this mascara go NOT perform that). I additionally like the my lashes don’t feel crusty as soon as I have this mascara on. If ns touch lock they feel a bit waxy, but pliable and also smooth.

In short, ns was fairly impressed with So Fierce! 

The Revlon So Fierce! mascara deserve to be purchased at because that $11.99 CAD or on for $8.99 USD.

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