Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson surprised just around everyone when he mustered up sufficient hops come throw under a dunk ~ above Klay Thompson throughout Cleveland’s thrilling victory over gold state ~ above Christmas Day.

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LeBron James took to Instagram come celebrate Jefferson’s large play with some light-hearted ribbing.

male to be 95 year of age and also still being able to carry out this!!! RJ call me whereby that fractional is brother. #IPromise I can keep a secret. Haha! Wowzers!!

A post shared through LeBron James (

Man to it is in 95 years of age and still gift able to perform this!!! RJ call me where that spring is brother. #IPromise I can keep a secret. Haha! Wowzers!!

No, Jefferson is no 95-years-old. He’s in reality 92. OK, he’s really simply 36, yet that’s almost 100 in NBA years.

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