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Robert Downey Jr. Moustache is actually a quite thin goatee with thin flanks on either side that extends upwards and nearly touches the mustache.

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To gain the perfect shape, usage your beard shaping toolor brow pencil to trace where the goatee should end by beginning at the corners of the mustache and also drawing outwards towards the chin.

Shave away any kind of hair beyond this outline, while preserving a slim line on one of two people side.

Next, you will want to carve the within of the goatee, while still keeping the hourglass shape in the center. To attain this, start in the center of the diamond shape, right below where your soul patch would end.

Use the broad of your electric trimmer to shave in a downward and outward diagonal motion until you virtually reach your jawline. Be mindful not to cut off the thin flanks ~ above either next of her goatee by accident.

The bottom the the goatee is really thin, for this reason make certain you cut in fine and even strokes for a distinctive and symmetrical look.

Step 5: shape the Moustache

Tony Stark’s moustache is very thin and also extends under in a slim handlebar shape. To obtain this look, trim the hair a couple of mm under from the bottom that the nose, and also continue shaping the edge so the they are clean.

To aid shape your look and also keep it in place, lather some beard balm throughout the beard and mustache, especially at the external edges to help it curve downwards.

Our an option for facial hair balm: beard Balm

At this point, friend can likewise use a good trimming device to make a small disconnect in between the mustache and also the flanks that the goatee to complete Tony Stark’s signature framing.

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If all Else Fails…

This layout can take some practice and skill to master, however would you intend anything less ambitious native a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist?

Have no fear, because that those who are not approximately this heroic task, there’s always the great old Iron male Costume Mustache.